Thursday, June 30, 2011

Share Your View: Thresholds (2nd Edition)

Leaving the gazebo
Leaving the Gazebo by Dizzy Dress

Have you been enjoying Exploring with a Camera: Thresholds this week? Have you seen any threshold images? I loved this image from the Exploring with a Camera Flickr pool. Doesn't it just look like a magical window into a beautiful spring day? It could be any season, but cross through this threshold and it's spring. I love the feeling here and in the image below too. You can link your images (new or archive) on the exploration topic of Thresholds in below and put them in the Flickr pool, if you would like the opportunity to be featured on the blog next week.

Portal by Marty's Fiber Musings

Tomorrow is the big day! I cross my own "threshold," as we fly from Italy and start our new adventure back in Oregon. I expected to feel more sad and bittersweet at this moment, but to be honest, what I feel is relief. All of the planning and packing and getting ready is finally at an end. Our container is already on its way to Oregon, we just have to get ourselves plus eight suitcases, three backpacks, a cat and a bike box home at this point. Actually, I'm more worried about getting it all from the rental car parking to the check in desk, but we'll manage. At 4am. Ouch.

One other thing I wanted to let you know about before heading off... I'm giving away two spaces in my upcoming Find Your Eye: Starting the Journey class through Ashley Sisk's Rambling and Musings this week! If you are interested in getting in on that action visit her blog here to see how you can win one of these spaces. A big huge thank you goes to Ashley and all of her Scavenger Hunters for particpating in Exploring with a Camera on a regular basis. I'm so happy to have you all here!

Be sure to check back tomorrow too, when I have a great announcement of something really cool for you to do this summer. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you got a hint of it last weekend. Tomorrow is the big reveal!

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  1. It is good to be back at last catching up with your blogging activities. Good Luck with the move hope it went off ok.

  2. I signed up for summer camp and added my link.. can't wait to get to know you! hugs xo

  3. What a gorgeous place! I went a bit outside the box. :)


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