Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Color and Texture of Paint (+ Swap Update)

I bet you thought you were going to see peeling paint in today's image, from the title of my post, and knowing what I love. Wrong! I've been neglecting to share good, colorful, fresh paint too. For equal opportunity, today I give you this wonderful color from a shop front inside the Victorian Market in Inverness. Aren't the colors and textures of this paint just delicious? It was the shop front of a flower shop and the riot of color was fun, but I focused on simplifying things down to this architectural detail. In addition to color and texture, there is also some great shape and form here, I always love that too.

Along with this cheery image for your Sunday morning, I'll also give you a cheery Liberate Your Art Postcard swap update. The final count for sign up is at 254 people in the swap! Wow!! That's 1270 pieces of art that will be winging their way around the world shortly. Add to that, the 254 postcards I will be sending for meeting the goal of 200 participants. It may sounds crazy, but I can't wait to get on it. I'm so excited for this, it fills me with such happiness. So many people have mentioned that they are getting out of their comfort zone to sign up and do this - I'm so proud of you all for putting your art out into the world!

For those of you signed up, all of the swap details will be sent to you via email later this week. Until then, be sure to visit some of your fellow participants on our AMAZING participant link list! Pick two or three links, stop by and say hi this week to a few artists in the swap. (If you're signed up, it's not to late to have your link added. Just drop me an email with your link.)

Enjoy your Sunday!

Links added since last blog update:

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Alison Behn
Gramma's Little Corner
The Whimzy
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All the rest of the links - wow!!
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  1. wow that is a lot of sign ups, looks great!

  2. wow kat, i can't believe how many people signed up!! so cool, can't wait.

  3. Kat, what a project you have undertaken! With your engineering background, I'm sure you have a system all figured out. It is very exciting to know that that the cards will be winging around the world!

  4. I'm so impressed that you've taken on such a huge project!! Would love to have joined in, had I been living on the 'right' side of the world. Can imagine it's a bit of a logistical nightmare. Good luck!

  5. What a task you've set yourself Kat! It's VERY exciting.

  6. so excited about this, I already got my printed postcards through snapfish..

  7. 254! wow, that's amazing. and maybe a bit intimidating...
    but gosh how fun it will be to share!


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