Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Last Form

SHS - Finding Form
SHS - Finding Form by darlenedw

Oh, I'm sad to see Exploring with a Camera: Finding Form end! It's always amazing how much more I see while I have an exploration going on. Form was everywhere for me, and I've realized it always will be. Form is integral to any visual art, photography is no exception. I loved seeing how different types of light show the forms we capture. Just look at the two images in this post, so different yet both great examples of form.

Even though the link up has closed, I posted it again today so that you can click around and explore images of "form" from your fellow readers. Look at how the different light affects the form. How textures or color affect what you notice of form in the image. This kind of exploration is a great way to learn, as much as exploring with a camera on your own.

Tomorrow we'll start with the first "second edition" Exploring with a Camera post for the summer. Wondering which it will be? Come back and see!

lil boat
lil boat by gina g10


  1. Since this was the first I have joined in with, I am really pleased you are doing a second edition of some over the summer, a great opportunity for me.

  2. 'form' is somewhat important element of what I create in ceramics too. Similar to what you explained about the light, it hugely effects on the form of ceramics and more so the surface texture with (or without) glaze decoration. I struggle with taking photos of ceramics, because of the light creates too much or less reflection on the form, and find difficult to capture the details of texture etc and often does not come out as I wished.
    This is something I would like to learn more... xm

  3. I also really enjoyed this exploration, and am much more tuned into form now, and noticing it everywhere I go. Thanks again for being such a great teacher!


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