Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome Home

This light says to me, "Welcome home." It doesn't matter that I wasn't actually staying at this hotel in Inverness, Scotland, I still found myself welcomed by the warm light shining out into the evening. This is a favorite time of day for photographs for me, with the contrast of cool blue outdoor light and warm yellow indoor light. It always makes me feel like there is a warm, safe place to go.

Yesterday I was on Mortal Muses, with a companion "square format" version of this same door, asking the question, "What light welcomes you home?"

I would love to hear your answer today.


  1. Great photo Kat. I find it tricky getting the exposure right for these types of shot but this is spot on.

  2. Gorgeous photo!

    I think that welcome home light is one of the things I miss living alone, and I miss it.

  3. When we come home, if our cat has been outside often he will greet us at the back door, rolling on the sidewalk and showing us his pure white belly. I love that he trusts us enough to show us his most vulnerable side and welcomes us back. I have not been able to get a photo of's just one of those moments that goes so quickly and is so spontaneous.

    Love the warm welcoming light in your photo here.

  4. Gosh yes, I totally see what you mean. I see a roaring log fire ("What?" I hear readers say... "in June" - but hey this is Scotland we are talking about.

    Hamish will bring you a drink to sip while you rest your feet and let the stresses of the day seep away. Mmmm, I think I can smell something delicious being prepared in the kitchen and anticipate Scottish raspberries for dessert - in that lovely creamy, oatey thing that I can't spell... Ah... what pictures and stories this photograph conjures

  5. Living alone, there is no welcome light. But I have a welcome cat who is delighted to see me. ;)

    I do think there is something about a light in the window or doorway that beckons--especially on a cold winter's night! :)

  6. Definitely looking warm against what looks like a cold night. Nice image Kat.

  7. Really nice photograph Kat. When we are out or have been away, the welcome "light" is definitely our pets! They are always there, and always happy to see you whether you've been gone for 5 minutes or 5 days.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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