Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I've Found my Eye, how about you?

Here it is, a quintessentially Kat image. It's got color, texture and is a scene that shares the spirit of place. It's the beauty that exists in the everyday world around us with no intervention. This image is from the port of Fira, on Santorini island in Greece. It's at the bottom of the long path that the donkeys and their handlers take, carrying people up and down the steep hillside between the town and the port. It's where the handlers sit and chat, but they were elsewhere at this moment. Perfect for me.

So many good things have come out of my time in Italy, and one of the absolute best has been finding my "eye" or photographic style. I was never so empowered as when I finally cried, "Yes, this is me!" I realized I am an artist, I have a voice and a vision to share with the world through my photographs.

I believe we all have a voice and unique vision to share with the world in our photography, and I want to help you find yours. I've developed the Find Your Eye class series to do just that! Registration for the next class series will start in early July and the first course will start late July. Today I'm giving you the details on the first two classes below, and the same information is available here. If you want to be notified when registration opens, I'll announce it here on the blog or you can sign up for my newsletter to have it direct to your inbox. I hope you'll join me in taking the next step in your photography, to Find Your Eye(And if you're not interested, no worries! My blog, Exploring with a Camera and all of my normal stuff will continue on as usual. The Kat Eye View of the World will not become a forum for incessant advertising for my classes. I have too much other good stuff to share!)

The Journey to Find Your Eye

Maybe you've been photographing for a while and you love it, but you wonder if you have a "style" to your photography. Maybe you see glimpses of your "eye" in your images, but find it elusive. You read interviews with photographers saying you have to find your own style. But how? The Find Your Eye: Journey is here to help! Instead of teaching you the technical basics of your camera or photo processing, this course series enhances the personal expression and creative connection you find in your artistic practice with photography.

We start the series off with the two week Starting the Journey foundation class where I'll introduce you to the basic tools and exercises used throughout the course series. You'll set up the tools of photojournal and inspiration file, then use them for the photojournal prompts and eye development exercises which help you look within as well as explore the world around you. By the end of this short course, you'll have a good start on recognizing your eye and you'll have the foundation you need to take any of the other courses in the series. Starting the Journey is a low time and money commitment, why not try it out and see if you want to continue the journey to Find Your Eye?

Find Your Eye: Starting the Journey
Duration: 2 weeks
Dates: July 24 - August 6, 2011
Lesson Frequency: 2 per week
Cost: $29
Registration will open in early July. See FAQ for logistics information.

Once you've started the journey, you are ready to explore new horizons and deepen the understanding of your style. The four week Find Your Eye: Journey of Recognition class continues with photojournal prompts and eye development exercises, all designed to help you dive more deeply into experiencing the environment around you as well as understanding what calls to you. By the end of the four weeks you will have developed a much greater sense of your own unique photographic style. Along the way you'll have a fun, nurturing community of classmates from around the world to help you learn, share and grow your creative expression. 

Find Your Eye: Journey of Recognition
Duration: 4 weeks
Dates: August 14 - September 10, 2011
Lesson Frequency: 2 per week
Prerequisite: Starting the Journey
Cost: $69
Registration will open in early July. See FAQ for logistics information.

You will be able to register for both Starting the Journey and Journey of Recognition together for $83. That's a 15% savings over registering for each course individually.

Your registration gives back! 10% of all registration fees will be donated to a great cause. I'm excited to once again support Nest, which has the wonderful mission of helping women in countries around the world make a living wage through traditional arts and crafts. Not only do you get to learn something new, you get to support others. How great is that!

Have questions? Drop me a note kat [at] kateyestudio.com and I'll answer them for you.

Here's what past students, just like you, have said about the Find Your Eye course:
I really enjoyed this course so much! There was a convivial, friendly tone that made it easy to feel a part of the group and to share photos, knowing there would be no negative judgment. Instead, there was such kind, positive support. In addition to your photographic expertise, […] what stands out for me in this course is your accessibility and personal interest in each of your students.-- Christianna Pierce
I felt like I was face-to-face even though we were all miles apart. Your course was of high quality and you engaged with your participants so we were encouraged to participate and could learn from each other. It was a like a real classroom not online material we had to muddle through on our own. -- Terrill Welch  
It’s a fantastic, amazing, beautiful, enlightening process… [The photojournal prompts] gave me a lot to think about in regards to my work. I loved the eye development exercises. They really broadened my view of what I see through the lens and life in general. -- Annie Kelleher
I loved the photojournal prompt section. It was enjoyable looking at everyone's different perspectives and styles and made me think more about why I take photos and what I look for when I aim my camera. The eye development exercises were a great opportunity to consider the way I see the world through my lens. I liked that I could work through exercises at my own pace and alter them however I want to.-- Stephanie Sadler
[The photojournal prompts are] not something I would have done on my own, but now it’s something I look forward to doing. I think journaling and writing is an important part of learning about ourselves as artists. I liked how [the eye development exercises] got us looking at different things and trying new subjects. I can tell a lot of effort went into this on your end. It was well thought out and well structured. -- Marji T.
My favorite thing about the course was seeing the photos and reading the words of teacher and participants. It was helpful to see different styles, interests, perspectives… and to know a bit about the photographer (at this time in her life/photo journey). I felt encouraged… never ignored… even though my experience was limited and my equipment less advanced than others. -- Sharon B.
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  1. I'm so hoping I'll be one of your students, it sounds like an amazing class. I've often read posts about people saying you need to know your style - and I recognize it in some of my favorite photographers, but I have no idea what mine is.

  2. Ditto what Jamie said. I can't wait to take your class....and having Jamie in the same class would be pure bonus.
    I love that blue image of the stools. You're right it does say "Kat".

  3. oohh I just saw my name on the past students thing, looks like you will have a busy summer ahead with these courses AND moving!

  4. You'll be sooo busy Kat. I'm sure it will be a raging success... and fun!


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