Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Changing the View

Blowing Buttercups
Blowing Buttercups by Dorian Susan

Flowers are clearly a popular subject, and I was so happy to see so many beautiful images shared as part of Exploring with a Camera: From a Flower's Point of View. Today's images from the Flickr pool are great examples of the interesting point of view you can get when you take a picture without looking through the viewfinder. I hope you will continue to explore the world with this technique. It especially helps when you are feeling a bit stuck!

Today is our official "moving" day, the movers come and take everything that is going in our container shipment. After this it will just be bare bones in the apartment, living with the furniture that was here when we arrived and what we are bringing in our suitcases. It will be a good reminder of what we learned when we moved here:  There is very little we actually need for day-to-day living. I will miss my desktop computer though!

Don't worry, thanks to the beauty of scheduling, tomorrow I will post another second edition Exploring with a Camera! Come back to see what we'll be exploring for the next couple of weeks.

From A Flowers Point Of View
From a Flowers Point of View by cathyhubmann

Day 292
Day 292 by darlenedw


  1. What incredible photos!

    Good luck with the move today.

  2. Kat, I am honored to have my photo featured!! Everyone's photos were so beautiful!! Until this exploration, I had never even looked at my Hosta blooms from underneath!! I love shooting pictures from this perspective! Thanks again and hope your move goes well!

  3. Good luck with the move ! I love all the flower photos.
    And taking pictures without looking through the viewfinder is my favourite thing . ( Well, not with Polaroid film - but with digital or my phone ! )
    Look forward to hearing about the next stage of your adventure..
    and at least you still have your trip to Venice !
    Rh x

  4. Back to a Spartan life. Hope you can enjoy final moments in Italy. Thanks for giving me a shout-I wouldn't have kept that photo without your suggestions. Hope Stevie travels well too.

  5. Safe traveling!
    That is so true about needing so little. Every time we've moved we are living with a small amount of things while other stuff is packed. And I say the same thing.

  6. Safe journey Kat! My postcards are in transit too. May you all arrive with no hiccups.


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