Friday, June 17, 2011

Summertime in the 'Hood

I've always love the number of bicycles you see here in Italy. I love seeing old ladies in their skirts on bicycles, with the basket full of groceries. I love seeing people riding in the rain, holding their umbrellas. I see people riding while talking on cell phones every day. Bicycles are a normal form of transport here. Just another way to get around the busy streets.

And, on summer time weekends, wow. Bicycles galore. I captured this last summer in Milan, on a summer Saturday when the bicycles were out in force. We see a lot of bicycles by our house on the weekend, since we live right near Parco di Monza. Without much green space in the greater Milan area, a day spent biking and picniking in Parco di Monza is a nice treat. The park is packed on summer weekends, the paths clogged with bicycles and strollers and rented carrozellas (a multi-person pedal-powered cart sort of vehicle/bicycle that a family can fit in - I'm not sure what they are called in English).

This weekend we are going to visit a few haunts a last time. Brave the crowds and rent a carrozella in Parco di Monza, pick up some of the chicken strips that Brandon loves at the Saturday market, head into Milan to climb the Duomo and explore the countryside by Lake Como. One last look around, close to our home for the last two years, before the movers come on Wednesday to pack up our household goods.

And next weekend, our last weekend as residents of Italy, what will we do? Visit Venice. I can't leave Italy without a last trip to my beloved Venetian lagoon. There are two places on earth so far that never fail to inspire me photographically: Venice and the Oregon Coast. (Well, maybe I should add Parco di Monza too, given how often I share photos of the park here.) It's amazing how completely different these places are and yet they are so inspiring to me. Thankfully, I'm headed back to one of my photographic loves as I move. I have no doubt I will find more places too.

How about you, do you have a favorite place? One that never fails to inspire you in your art?


  1. Lucky, lucky you to have spent time in this wonderful country. I've only visited once and spent several days in Venice then a couple of weeks in a villa in Tuscany, but I'd go back in a flash. There is so much history imbued in those buildings.

  2. My fave is one of yours too—Venice it is. Enjoy your visit! Must be hard to leave Italy, but you know it will stay with you wherever you are.

  3. I have this funny feeling around my heart area for you, in yoga we learn to detect where the feeling is coming from and it's definitely the heart!

    You must be feeling a little torn? Knowing you have a special place back home though will lift your spirits, as we recently said it's all about change! Enjoy your weekend.

    Sue x

  4. Oh my! Venice....totally the best way to end your stay in italy. I can't wait to see your pics! xox

  5. Is it really muzzy to say one of the best inspirations I find in my own back yard, with the little ones playing and a new flower to be discovered almost every day?

    Other than that, well, I love Utrecht, with canals as lovely as Amsterdam, but a more village kind of feel. Amsterdam itself is beautiful too ofcourse, and certainly one of a kind. But to be honest, it's not the cities who inspire me most. I get inspired more by people everywhere. An expression on the face of a beautiful lady, the lines on an elderly cheek, a tender look in the eyes of a macho man... well, you get the feeling :)

  6. It's finally beginning to warm here in Oregon, preparing for your arrival.

    Oh... I'm lucky enough to carry my muse with me. Most of the time. People a"muse" me too.

  7. How sad that you have to leave Italy. But I guess for you it's going home so it won't be sad!

  8. We travel a lot to national forests and parks. I used to think I would run out of things to shoot.... could not have been more wrong. Just set me in a park or forest with my camera and I am a happy camper!! Especially the trails... there is always something!! I'll bet you are getting super nostalgic about leaving.... happy you are going home to a beautiful place and oh,,,, what memories!!!! And photos!!!

  9. I have a tendency to love wherever I am. ;)
    Love hearing about where other people live and play. You will miss Italy.

  10. I hear the sadness in leaving Italy....and can't wait to see shots of Venice, but I also hear mention of another fave place in Oregon. Isn't change a wicked friend.
    I recently noted that despite the lack of desire for change, when making "space" for it....wonderful gifts surely will follow.
    Love this street shot with bicycles.

  11. I love finding inspiration everywhere I visit but there is something truly special about coastlines and bodies of water. I almost always try to be near the water as regardless of how often I stare out into the sea, it is always changing, always inspiring!

    More specifically though, Western Australia for it's sheer natural beauty and Barcelona for Gaudi (oh how I love that man!)

  12. Hi Kat, we found each other from Shutter Sisters and yes, I live in Albany. So close to your hometown! Small world. lol I'm just starting to read more photography blogs and look forward to coming back to yours. I see you are an artist too. :) ~Cori from Wonder in the Woods


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