Monday, June 20, 2011

Love Letter from Italy

"You have entered my life and colored it with amazing colors I did not know before..."

This is a rough translation of one line of the love graffiti found on the path in Parco di Monza Saturday. Isn't it beautiful? I captured this image of the graffiti for the interest in the photograph but when I looked at it on the computer, I fell in love with that line.  I could take that quote for myself, to describe my time in Italy. Or the beauty and peace I find in Parco di Monza. Or the relationships with my husband and son, also pictured in the distance. So many interpretations in one simple line. 

We had a beautiful weekend spent doing a few last, favorite things around our home in Italy before the dismantling of our lives this week. It's a weird feeling, this dismantling. Taking apart piece by piece the life we've built here. What seemed so exotic a couple of years ago has become so normal. When did that happen? There was no exact moment in time, I know, but a gradual adjustment that just now becomes obvious as we shake things up again.

Beyond my move, there is quite a bit going on around here, I want to share with you too...

- I am featured today in Beth Nicholl's "Shared Stories" on the Do What You Love blog. Please come by and say hi! There are also lots of wonderful stories in Beth's archive, if you want to look around a bit.

- Exploring with a Camera: From a Flower's Point of View continues for another day, link up by the end of the day tomorrow if you are participating. I am loving the entries for this theme!

- Will you share what interesting new sites you have found in the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap? Yesterday I shared the link list and asked you to share your favorites in the comments. There are so many wonderful artists participating! Please come by and let us know who you've found by leaving a comment on yesterday's post.

- I did something crazy this weekend and entered a photo contest, my first ever. I've looked at a number of contests over time, but for some reason this one felt like it "fit." Would you come by and vote for me for the "people's choice" award? (This is an example of me feeling the fear - both of putting myself out there in a new place and asking people to vote for me - and moving ahead anyway.)

Whew. And I'm moving internationally in the midst of all of this. Doesn't that sound a bit crazy? But for some reason, it's all working out just fine.

I hope you have a wonderful, creative Monday! I am linking in to Creative Every Day and The Creative Exchange today.


  1. Beautifully done and full of meaning.

  2. You've been gadding about - in the virtual and real worlds this week :-)
    Hopefull the rain won't wash it all away.
    That perspective you chose adds to the beauty.

  3. What a lovely quotation. And what beautiful lettering. I think this should probably be Love Letter TO Italy! I've tried to find time to visit some of the sites on the list but it's a bit of a struggle - so sorry. I'm trying to devote as much of my spare time as I can to kick starting my new art/stitching learning.

  4. Love the image, love the quote....and of course graffiti always appeals to me.
    I too love that photo of Stevie from yesterday-how funny that he only wishes to snuggle in that one spot. Must say my cat wishes to snuggle any and everywhere which is blessing as well as curse....on one's head 4:30 a.m.-while working at computer....not such ideal times.
    I have punched through and gladly voted for your images. They truly are wonderful. I noticed an image from Plitvice in Croatia. I visited Croatia in 2007 including Plitvice-wow amazing place. At the time I was not one to take photos, too bad....oh well, maybe that means I'll have to go back.
    With all those wonderful links you shared, sort of wish I was doing your postcard project. Outside of photos I'm not much of an artist (yet) so it didn't seem the right avenue for me. Looks fun though.
    Have a great day and good luck with that contest.

  5. Beautiful quote and words ... photo is perfect with it. Moving from Italy? We all want to move TO Italy! lol

  6. Hi Kat, I just looked at your beautiful portfolio for the photo contest and cast my vote for you. I ve so enjoyed seeing some of these photos on your blog butseeing them all together was a really special treat. Since I have been on my own trip to Italy this month I recognize some of the feelings you have captured. Was the pink wall from Burano? And of course the image of Civitta di Bagnoregio is lovely, especially inblack and white. You suggested that we go there and we had never evenheard of it but it turned iut we stayed iin an ancient stone house across the valley from there and saw the back side from the patio. What a sweet place it is. We adore Italy and are having a lovely time. I wish you the best with your return to Oregon. it must be challenging to make such a big change.
    Best, Joanna

  7. What a wonderful graffiti path. Checked out your portfolio and voted... and will vote again as permitted. Great shots!!!! Happy travelling Kat.

  8. You have my vote for sure!!
    What a beautiful post at "Do What You Love" Kat.
    I truly enjoyed reading it (3 times!!)

    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  9. Just back from voting for you and fingers crossed :-)

    I also loved your post at "Do what you love! - you are really amazing!

  10. Oh, I love that blue door, too! I voted!

    Do what you love--excellent! :)

    What memories you have collected.

  11. Wonderful shot of the graffiti path. I did indeed cast my vote for your lovely portfolio. Good luck with the contest and the move!

  12. I love this image and the quote the goes along with it - how inspiring to see how one quote can relate to several things at once!

    Kat I am so SO excited for you with the move, the contest and being featured on Beth's site! With you class coming up and liberate art swap -so many wonderful and extraordinary things are heading your way and I can't wait to see it all transpire xx

  13. I'm sending you positive thoughts today - hoping they will fill you with energy to get through this crazy period.

  14. What a wonderful quote, and I love that path with the lettering.

    I'm on my way to the photo contest right now!

  15. Love the photo and all the thoughts that go along with it.
    Good luck with the move and all the dismantling and rebuilding. It sounds as though you will sail through it all pretty smoothly. Have given you my vote in the contest and will try to grab a few minutes to explore some of the sites in the swap. ( Btw - loved the article over at Do What You Love too )
    Rh x

  16. I love the graffiti path... and the passage that you picked out the beginning of your post. SO romantic!

  17. Was delighted to vote for you, and so enjoyed looking through the images you chose; some of my favorites I might say! I'm finally catching up with my blog reading after weeks of recuperating from surgery and then being away! I've missed your blog and will be doing a better job of staying current. At least until the end of July when we're off again--this time to Alaska!

    Good luck with the move. This has been such a wonderful experience for you and your family. I'll be thinking about you.


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