Friday, July 1, 2011

Announcing Superhero Summer Camp... and it's FREE!

I'm so excited to announce something new today! I'm one of the "camp counselors" for Superhero Summer Camp, a 6 week summer camp program that's all about YOU. Every day for six weeks, you'll get an email from one of the great camp counselors on different topics. I'm so excited about this opportunity to work with these great women. Believe me, this will be really, really good. It's about the whole you. The best part? It's FREE! The announcement and sign up is below. I hope you'll consider coming to summer camp with us!


Now it’s your turn for fun… and it’s FREE!

Kids go to camp for the summer. They laugh, play, and learn. It’s time for you to have fun, too!

Don’t you deserve some play time?

You spend all year taking care of other people. Now it’s time to take care of you! Superhero Summer Camp is your opportunity to laugh, play, and enjoy life.

Are you ready to grow, learn, and have fun doing it?

Your sanity, your health, your heart and soul, your creativity, your life, and your precious time are calling to you. This is the time to make a shift, a leap, or a change and have fun doing it. No more waiting. The time is now.

Don’t let another summer slip away!

You deserve to be energized, not depleted. You’ve earned some fun after all your hard work. It’s time to fill your tank and reboot your mojo. So do something fun for yourself this summer!

How it works

Our 6 Superhero Summer Camp Counselors will share their ideas and expertise with you. Find your sanity. Get healthy. Find yourself. Get creative. Savor your life. Reclaim your time. You deserve it.

Daily, for 6 weeks, you’ll receive an email with an exercise, a idea, something new to try, a thought-provoking question, or some other surprise. Some emails include a link to a special video to watch or an audio mp3 to listen to. Each play assignment will take anywhere from 3 to 30 minutes. You can’t not make the time for this.

6 Weeks Just for You

Week 1 – Get Grounded

Do you feel like everything else is in the center of your life except you?

Jess Ryan will share…

  • Simple techniques for getting grounding and standing in the center of your life
  • Easy practices for coming back to your center when chaos is ensuing
  • Nature’s secrets for living in the moment

Week 2 – Make Health Happen
You know fruits, veggies, and moving your body are good for you, but are you confused by how to make it happen for yourself?

Jen Trinque will give you…

  • Easy, family-friendly ways to get more produce into your diet (including the green stuff!)
  • Popular dishes, made healthier and stuffed with veggies (Mexican anyone?)
  • Motivational tools to get your butt off the couch and into a pair of workout pants

Week 3 – Find Yourself
Who are you, anyway?

Bev Barnes will help you to remember who you were when you were 11 – when you knew that you were unique, special and different from everyone else on the planet! You will…

  • connect to your inner voice
  • identify your gifts and talents
  • remember how it feels to play

Week 4 – Fuel Your Creativity
Are you creative? You may not think so, but you are. Sometimes you just need a little fuel to get you going.

Kat Sloma will help you discover…

  • An awareness of the rich world around you as a source of raw material
  • An understanding of how you can tap into your creative energy
  • How these two things, raw material and energy, can work together to fuel your creativity in your personal pursuits  
Week 5 – Savor Your Life
Does life ever feel blah? Dull? Flat? Like a grind?

Anna Kunnecke will help you…

  • Wake up to the beauty that is already around you
  • Turn your to-do list into a tasty treat
  • Remember how to taste your life like a fine wine

Week 6 – Reclaim Your Time
Do you feel like there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it?

Jenny Shih will give you some top secret superhero tricks so you can…

  • Combat overwhelm and regain your clarity
  • Feel like you have it together, eve on days where you’re not sure that’s possible
  • Focus on what’s most important and make forward progress on your goals

Summer Camp Graduation Gifts – BONUS GALORE!

Along with the full 6 week program, you’ll receive exclusive access to 6 incredible bonus offers. Each camp counselor has something wonderful to share with you and they’re pulling out all the stops and giving you an incredible deal!

Bonus #1 – Free Yoga, Meditation, Breathing, or Healing Session from Jess Ryan
Get one FREE Skype session for yoga, meditation, breathing, or distance energy healing when you purchase two sessions (3 for the price of 2!) or $15 off a single session with Jess.

Bonus #2 – Discounted Coaching Package with Jen Trinque
Get 20% off a coaching package with Jen! Overcome emotional eating, learn about and apply intuitive eating to your life, add in more veggies, or learn some great meal planning tips for you and your whole family.

Bonus #3 – Discounted Coaching Group with Bev Barnes
Get Bev’s class Find Your Calling No Matter What for FREE, and get 20% off on any of my coaching groups if you sign up before December 31, 2011!

Bonus #4 – A Great Discount for Find Your Eye Photography Class with Kat Sloma
30% off of Kat’s next creative photography course series, Find Your Eye, beginning in September 2011 and January 2012.

Bonus #5 – Love Letters from Your Life at a Lovely Price from Anna Kunnecke
Get Love Letters from Your Life for only $33. (Normally priced at $75!) Your life is whispering to you…can you hear it? Life can be a grand love affair, full of tang and sweetness. Let yourself be wooed awake. The way back to yourself can be so very gentle.

Bonus #6 – Make Your Ideas Actually Happen with Jenny Shih
Get a the Get Real: Make Your Ideas Actually Happen program at a 33% discount. You can do it. Your ideas can change the world. I believe in you. This program will help you get there.

Your Camp Counselors

Jess Ryan

Jess Ryan, MS, E-RYT is a yoga teacher, nature guide, and intuitive energy worker who focuses on connecting people to the sacred spaces within. “I love mountains, the feel of dirt and grass on the soles of my feet, sunshine on my face. I love the earth and our connection to these wonders that take our breath away; that we can’t always explain but can sense. I believe yoga and the natural world are inextricably linked; our connection to self, our connection to something greater. Using these simple tools, we access the present moment connecting to grace and the Source within.”

Jen Trinque

Jen Trinque is a life coach, writer and blogger who specializes in making healthy goals attainable. She was trained by Martha Beck and also is also a certified intuitive eating counselor. For fun she hikes, tries new things in the kitchen, reads, makes art, travels, and hangs out with her family (which includes two cats and one spousal equivalent.)

Bev Barnes

Bev Barnes works with women who know they have a calling in life, but don’t know how to figure out what it is. “I believe that we all have gifts and talents and our real job in life is to claim them and use them to make a difference.” Bev helps her clients to find and follow their passions and overcome their resistance to showing up authentically in the world. Learn more about Bev at

Kat Sloma

Kat Sloma is an artist, a photographer, with a passionate belief that everyone can benefit from practicing creativity in their lives. She has spent the last two years living in Italy and traveling around Europe with an eye to finding the beauty of the everyday, while also working in the corporate world. She teaches online creative photography classes, inspiring others to find their unique vision of the world. You can see more of her photographs, learn about her classes and read about her creative journey on her blog, The Kat Eye View of the World.

Anna Kunnecke

Anna Kunnecke helps women declare dominion over their lives. We clear out clutter in The Queen Sweep. We Sit At My Table daily. We tell our deepest stories at The Birth Story Project. We marinate in the Rich Juicy Starry Beauty of our lives. She’s a heathen mystic, and if you work with her you will encounter profanity but also magic.

Jenny Shih

Jenny Shih works with “big idea” people. Her clients are right-brained, solo entrepreneurs who have world-changing ideas that they need to get out into the world. They come to her spinning, stagnant, or confused about their business. There’s lots going on in their head but not much is actually happening. They’re looking to get moving on their ideas and make things happen in their business. Together, Jenny and her clients plan, scheme, and make stuff happen. Then, the magic starts to happen… Nothing should stop you if you want to change the world.

Enroll NOW. It’s FREE!

Your summer camp experience begins the moment you enroll.
Enrollment is open through August 31, 2011.

To enroll, enter your name and email address below. It’s that easy!
You will NOT be added to any of our mailing lists nor will you receive anything that’s not directly related to Summer Camp. ‘Cause that’s how we roll…

Once you click the Submit button, please check your email!
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You must open that email and click the confirmation link so that the daily emails can make their way to your Inbox.

If you change your mind, you can un-enroll automatically at any time.

Have more questions? Ask me anything: kat [at] kateyestudio [dot] com.


  1. I would love to join up for this, but am going on holiday myself right through August. Sounds like lots of fun though. Julie

  2. That sound fantastic. I have to join this :)


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