Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Schedules + Favorites: Covered Parking

Covered Parking
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2009

I only have three more days of "favorite" pictures left on the schedule and then I've got to get myself back onto the regular blogging bandwagon. You can probably tell I've scheduled these posts on Italy time and then I'm writing them as I can. For some reason, I'm reluctant to change my blog back to Pacific Standard Time. I know, I'll get over it. It will be too confusing not to change it.

So what will my blogging schedule be? The same as Italy, where I write in the morning? Do I change it up to write at night? Do I write whenever and schedule? How is it all going to work out? To top it all off I'm going part time at work (yay!!) but not immediately, so that means it will be a while before things settle out.

I was chatting with a friend at work today about my work schedule and said, "It's fun to figure it all out!" I honestly didn't know where that comment came from. I mean, it doesn't feel very fun right now. I'm a bit overwhelmed and tired. And then I stopped and realized, my statement was totally true. When I stop focusing on my tired/overwhelm of the moment, I am excited to figure it all out. Even though I don't have a routine right now (and I looooove routine), I have the possibility of figuring out something new. I have the possibility to combine some of the best parts of my Italy schedule with my Corvallis schedule and see what happens. 

Add ingredients, shake well, taste. Stay tuned to see how it comes out!


  1. Kat, how exciting to hear that you will be moving toward part time status at work. That means more time for your creative ventures! Looking forward to your view of life in the states, as seen through the lens.

  2. Working part-time is highly recommended. I work mornings only and love it. Looking forward to the regular blogs again.

  3. yay for you, working part time. good luck figuring it all out--it sounds fun and exciting!

  4. Figuring it out IS the fun part!! Enjoy! and Good Luck!!!

  5. That's fantastic to hear you're going part-time. If you've achieved all this while working full-time, there's going to be no stopping you now! Hope you get it all figured out soon (and have fun doing it).

  6. Love that bicycle image and can see why it's a favorite. Schedules are cool-and figuring it out is like getting organized. I love being organized, even though it doesn't always happen.

  7. Tired, yes, (oh, I can relate to that, remember it only too well), but I love how excited you are about all the new opportunities this big change offers you. It's exciting. And good for you that eventually you will go part time at work - yay for you!


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