Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Open! + Favorites: Tiny Pieces of Bliss

Tiny Pieces of Bliss
Barcelona, Spain, 2010

Today is one of my all time favorite images. A favorite favorite, if you will. With this happy image I also have the happy announcement that registration is OPEN for the July-August Find Your Eye series of classes!  Woohoo! You can find the course details and register here. If you have any problems with registration please let me know ASAP, since I'm still working out the bugs with this new system. I already had a couple of issues after my initial announcement to newsletter subscribers, but I think they are fixed. Now I know why stores do "soft openings" before the official opening. :)

Wow, has this been a crazy week. I can't believe I've been in the US a week already, time is already flying and I'm exhausted. You know when you put together a plan on paper, and it all sounds good, but executing the plan is so much harder than you envisioned when you wrote it all out? Yeah, that's where I am right now.

For some reason, all of my energy was focused was on the "leaving Italy" part of the plan and I didn't quite expect the "arriving in Oregon" part of the plan to be as much work as it has been. I think maybe I underestimated because it's so much easier to get things done in the US as compared to Italy. Things are more efficient here, I speak the language and know how and who to call. Since we are coming back to the same place we've lived before, it all seems like it should be ready and waiting. But the boxes still need to be unpacked, trash service set up, addresses changed... you get the picture. The list is a mile long.

Even with all of the millions of details that still need to be done, we are now in our house and sleeping in our beds. We are cooking at home and don't have to eat out anymore. Stevie the cat is doing well and seems to be adjusting without incident, much better than when we moved to Italy. All in all, things are good.

If you ask me how I feel about being back in the US though, I couldn't even begin to answer you right now. I've been too busy to feel anything. In a couple of weeks or a month, I'll probably have more to say on that topic. For now, it's back to that mile-long list.


  1. Try to have a restful weekend and forget about the lists for a while!

  2. I hope you aren't finding it too hard to settle in, even though you speak the same language it doesn't make the adjustment period any easier. I find the hardest thing is that everyone gets on with their lives and isn't really interested in the fact that a month ago you were on the other side of the world! hope lots of people sign up for your course!

  3. Welcome Back!!!
    Adore those tiny flowers!!

  4. Please take it easy.....things can wait for a bit while you readjust. I can't believe all the things you are doing besides settling back in!

  5. I can truly understand how all of your energy was focused on leaving italy. To me, it makes sense.
    Give yourself some time for you, and don't go too crazy with that list!

    Have a fantastic weekend Kat!

  6. I can't believe all you're doing. Wow. Love these little flowers and am looking forward to class starting up later in the month. Glad Stevie is settling in too.

  7. Gorgeous flowers!! Just pace yourself, in a short while you'll feel like you've been back forever.

  8. well it wasn't until I mailed the postcards that it sunk in where precisely you live. my sister lived in that town many years ago and it was my intro to OR on my first visit in 1976. she still lives in the state, but not there. I hope you're finding the bliss stateside as well! take good care.

  9. I LOVE this photo! Just allow yourself the time you need, one thing at a time and before you know it, your to do list will be all caught up. :) Best of Luck!

  10. One needs time to process one's experiences. You have your beautiful photographs to act as a catalyst for memory retaining. One of the beauties of photography...amateur or professional. I am looking forward to your class in a few weeks. It will be a first for me. I have enjoyed following your blog for the past few months...Sharon


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