Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Passing the Threshold

hayloft-2-w by Jenn-SycamoreLane Photography

We've just wrapped up Exploring with a Camera: Thresholds (2nd edition) and I have to say, you all have wow'ed me! I love how you took this idea and ran with it. It was so enjoyable to take a break from moving craziness over the past week to look at your Threshold photos. Very peaceful!

Enjoy these images from a few participants today. There are also many wonderful images and stories in the link up, take a few moments to hop around if you haven't already. One of the things I love most are the words that are often put with the pictures. In my opinion, a beautiful image is that much more meaningful with some beautiful words to go with it!

Tomorrow join me back here for another second edition Exploring with a Camera! I wonder, what will it be...

oneyedjacks by ginag10

noir lens flare doorway
noir lens flare doorway by Captivus Photography


  1. I love all these thresholds! And I really enjoy everyone's personal ideas of what a threshold symbolises for them. It all very deep really! :-) Julie

  2. The collections are all lovely. I need to hop on over other blogs to look at their photos and read their stories.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I've really enjoyed seeing all the interpretations of threshold. Thanks for hosting us and letting us share!


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