Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reflecting on Reflections

reflections2 24/365
reflections2 24/365 by kathywinter

Oh, so sad! Exploring with a Camera: Reflections in Glass has come to an end. The good thing is that the inspiration to capture reflections in glass is not over - I know that you all will be seeing and capturing these reflections for a long time to come. I see them everywhere, and it's another tool in my photographic toolbox.

For some reason, I was very attracted to architectural reflection images in the Flickr pool this week. But I also fell in love with this reflection image below, for the story it tells. Keep this in mind too - a reflection as a narrative element in your photos. I'm going to have to use this image by aia*c as inspiration and play around!

reflection of love
reflection of love by aia*c

I'll leave you with one more gorgeous shot of the reflected sky, but you can find so many more reflections in the Flickr pool and at the links below. I so enjoy seeing what all of you do with these themes I throw out there. I always, always am inspired and learn so much from your point of view.

What will the next Exploring with a Camera topic be? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

2011-06-24 by bgottsab


  1. Kat - thanks so much for the inspirational topic and for including my sky reflections image in your post. This was one of those serendipitous photos - it wasn't until I stood directly across the street from this building that I discovered the way the coated windows captured and reflected the sky and clouds. Right place, right time. Don't you love when that happens?

  2. Wow! I'm flattered that you included my reflections photo in your post. Thank you! That one was taken in downtown Tampa while I was taking a photowalk with some friends. I was drawn in by the colors and the distorted shapes in the glass.


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