Monday, July 11, 2011

Final of the Favorites: Open Ended

Open Ended
Castello San Sebastiano da Po, Italy, 2009

As the title denotes, this is the last of my scheduled "Favorites" posts. I'm glad I scheduled these, not just for the review of my favorites but also to give me a bit of a break without disappearing altogether while I was in the midst of the big move. This will be the last of the scheduled updates on "Italy time." Monday morning I'll change my blog over to Pacific time and will start writing from scratch again. I'm already full of things to say!! See you soon.


  1. I love this image. The first impression I get is that it's some sort of prison, probably due to the deep shadows that obscure what's going on beyond the desk and chair. Very atmospheric.

  2. This photo is beautiful, so much mood in one single image.
    Glad your move is now over and that you'll be able to settle into a routine again :)

  3. what a lovely shot, great lighting

  4. This is just classically, elegantly beautiful! Can't wait to see your Pacific time photos and writing.

  5. Beautiful Kat. I see some of the exploring theme in there...threshold, contrasts, form...not to mention that lovely light through the window. Looking forward to PT.

  6. What a moody cool shot. I think the empty desk is profound. What a terrific image to make your time zone transition official.

    You can write anywhere. You are creative anywhere. And I'm looking forward to what's coming...!

  7. Loved seeing all of your favorite photos - they are simply stunning!

    This photo is serene, thought provoking and calm. A dark and moody place where life's secrets come to those to wait. I adore how you are able to capture the mood and emotion of a place, it's something I have struggled to do for ages. I think that only solidifies the fact that I need to enroll for your class! xx

  8. You know how much I love this image. :) Trying to catch up with over five weeks of blog posts and not doing much commenting, but I just had to stop for this one.... x

  9. This photo is amazing! Beautiful.


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