Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Single Rose

A single rose, catches my eye, as it climbs up the wall and peeks out beside a now-defunct gate.

A single rose, luscious red contrasting with deeper green foliage and grey stone, becomes the star of its surroundings.

A single rose, a promise of more to come, of more beyond, than just that solitary blossom.

A single rose, found on a walk in the town of Murten, Switzerland, transcends the place it was found. It could be anywhere. Take a walk today, and see if you can find it where you live, that single rose.


  1. Beautiful picture! Too hot right now in Florida for roses but I'll bet I could find a Hibiscus. Thanks for the glimpse of beauty today....

  2. GK's and I went ot Hobby Lobby yesterday and Miss M was drawn to a big bunch of fake roses. I think in life, most of us are. The single rose forces us into a different place and while we get it, every once in a while but I think we fight it, much too often. Beautiful photos Miss Kat!

  3. That "single rose" could be found on my deck a couple of weeks ago! It has since been cut and brought inside for my enjoyment. :) Awaiting the next rose to bloom . . .

    Thank you for stopping by my blog this morning. I hope you have an art-filled day today Kat! x o

  4. Lovely red rose, beautiful picture ;)


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