Saturday, August 14, 2010

Making Ideas Real

Flowers in pots on doorsteps or windowsills are favorite subjects of mine. I love the angles of the architecture as a backdrop for the curves of the plants and the pots. There is often interesting contrast in textures and colors of ground, wall, door, pot and plant. I love the care that the inhabitants take in creating the little scene on their doorstep or windowsill. Each one is different, unique, like the people who create them. So I keep being inspired by them; I keep photographing them and sharing them here.

This morning in reading Simple Abundance, one of my favorite books at the moment, I came across this thought from the author Sarah Ban Breathnach, "...While you are offered many dizzying opportunities in a lifetime, Spirit only comes once for each Work seeking creative expression through you, then moves on. The bottom line is that the Work must be brought forth. If you don't do it, someone else will."

Interesting thought to ponder... that these ideas that come along to us are only "ours" as long as we do something with them, make them real. If we don't, someone else will get the opportunity to be inspired by the same idea, and we'll be left in the dust saying, "Hey, I had that idea first." Which, as we all know, doesn't count for anything.

So the "work" I'm doing with my art and the creative inspiration I receive for this blog - whether it's sharing the art of doorstep gardens, the little everyday details I see as we travel around, the ideas that come to me for my Exploring with a Camera series, or the insights into my creative process - are only "mine" as long as I actually use the ideas. Make them into something real.

There is a a saying I love in Italian, "Tra dire e fare c'รจ di mezzo il mare," which translates roughly to "between saying and doing there lies the sea." I want to be on a boat, crossing that sea, as much as possible. I don't want to lose out on all of these wonderful opportunities that inspiration brings along, even if it's as small sharing the image of a few potted plants on a doorstep. Thanks for joining me along this journey to turn these ideas into something real.


  1. Thank you for sharing your pics, and thoughts about ideas. I have podered this many times, actioning the ideas before they escape and float off into the ether!

  2. I've always had plenty of creative ideas but have never really taken time to do anything with them, always using my full time job as a perfect excuse for not having enough time or energy to do anything with them. I am slowly starting to change that and even the smallest effort into putting some these ideas into practice is making me feel so good and giving me the absolute proof that there is enough time for making things happen as long as we decide to make it so.

  3. I read Sarah's book everyday. I don't remember the one that you quoted above. I am enjoying your pics.

  4. I'm enjoying journeying with you...your ideas about photography and the creative process get me thinking and doingj. Grazie!
    I remember an interview with a poet, who said the ideas for poems hit her like a wind, and if she doesn't grab them, they disappear and move on to someone else.
    I'm enjoying your flower pot series--it's almost as good as being in la bella italia and seeing for myself.

  5. Love, love sharing this Journey with you! Thank you for your wonderful perspective Miss Kat!

  6. I picked up Simple Abundance in a bookstore yesterday and came so close to buying it! Maybe next time.

    Nice photo, there's so much going on in there. I love the little pops of colour against all those lines. The crumbling exposed concrete is beautiful, too. I also think that Italian quote is a ripper, I just wrote it down so I don't forget.

  7. I love that quote - I think I have read all of SBB's books. I totally agree and it's what I love about blogging as well. It has opened up a whole new world of creative expression for me. I had absolutely no idea when I started last October! I thought I would run out of things to post and that has SO not been true. And the connections that we form by doing it - truly amazing!!

  8. Lovely post as always...I want to be on that boat. I'm always tempted to wait at the shoreline where it's comfortable, but everyone here is on the other side calling me. So, I'm getting in, too.:)


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