Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Important Question

My answer: Right now!

Images from a visit to the Cailler chocolate factory, in Broc, Switzerland. The tasting room proved that yes, you can eat too much chocolate in one sitting. But it was so good...


  1. One can recognize the word chocolate in any language. Making my mouth water, can only imagine having my fill of chocolate. Seems like an impossible dream!

  2. It's always time for chocolate--rich, dark, and creamy! Whenever I'm in a city, I look for chocolate shops to visit for photos and, of course, tasting. The best shop I ever visited was in Paris....they had a special display where you could smell different kinds of chocolate--just heavenly.

  3. Curse you for posting this!!!!! Must... find... chocolate...

  4. I love this series.

    So creamy.


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