Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's That Simple

A pot of flowers on a step. Some color. Some texture. Some contrast. Nice light.

Seeing this made me happy.
Photographing it made me happy.
Rediscovering it in my image files and editing it made me happy.
Sharing it today makes me happy.
Writing about it makes me happy.
Looking at it makes me happy.

Can happiness really be that simple? A photograph of a pot of flowers on a doorstep? Yes, I believe so.

What simple thing makes you happy?

(PS - You can also share your answer here!)


  1. What a beautiful picture and thought. I do believe that it is the simplest things that can make us happiest. If we only feel happy when we experience the big moments, we are really missing out on a lot of special moments.

  2. Flowers are pretty powerful at making us feel good, aren't they? They made me happy too. thanks for sharing and Happy Friday!

  3. Fresh paper and endless possibility...

    and this post made me happy too :)

  4. It sure can. I immersed myself in orchid blooms yesterday and felt lush!

  5. The list would be too long to write everything that inspires me... There are little things from nature (the light, flowers, little creatures, stones, water...), arhitecture, people (their gestures, smiles, eyes, interesting voices...). If the moment is right, little things make me happy, make me smile, make me to create, make me to say 'thank you for this moment', make me admire the Life. And it's always rewarding to meet/see people who feel the same: see the beauty in many little (and big) things :).

  6. I love that photo! It's just simply perfect. This lovely image brought you joy in creating it and now gives me joy in viewing it. Isn't that wonderful? Happy weekend!

  7. And the happiness of this photo continues! Kim Klassen posted it at Inspiration Studio (, wheret it can make more people happy!

  8. Ah, the photographer high, I know it well...
    Happy today? That would be the discovery of a Boston shake which is a shake with a sundae on top. Chocolate shake with a peanut butter sundae. Pure heaven!

  9. Wonderful photo.
    Today the scrub jays and stellar's jay in my yard made me happy, how they came back over and over again for the peanuts.
    And I'm happy and grateful that my husband's surgery went well.

  10. Seeing your photo made me happy too! Such a lovely shot.

    Many other things make me happy on a daily basis. Today those things include the following: watching my son and his friends play and celebrate, spending time with my daughter, observing the beauty in the nature that surounds me, photographing simple things, and knowing that next week is a family week.


  11. It is wonderful the things that make one happy, and also appreciative of life itself through the existence that it radiates. Everything makes me happy, from leaving this message right now to the radiance of a tear. Many happy blessings to you.

  12. Yes, to all of that. It was fun to see this image on Kim Klassen's site as well. It's a beautiful photograph. I'd have it hanging on my studio wall!


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