Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bonne Journee!

Wouldn't you love to see this every morning on your way to work? Some one wishing you "Have a good day" in such a wonderful way? I would! I loved this florist display in Lausanne, in the French region of Switzerland, for it's cheerful message and abundance of flowers and plants. It just fills me with a positive happy feeling and I can't help but smiling. (And wondering how long it takes them to set all of those plants out each morning!)

So to you all today I say Bonne Journee, or maybe more appropriately for where I live, Buona Giornata!

PS - This was the post I was planning to write yesterday morning when the muse struck, and my heart told me I had a different message to share for the day. What an amazing experience that was, both in how it came together and with the response. Thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments, it is so awesome to connect in that way.


  1. Hi Kat!

    What an incredible journey you are on... Your post yesterday was beautiful & inspiring - such a great perspective on the creative process!

    I look forward to coming back & catching a glimpse of the world through your eyes...

    p.s. I often wonder how long it takes vendors to put out their "goods" everyday also :)

  2. Again such a beautiful photo! It makes me miss Europe a lot. And I'm not homesick very often...

    Bonne Journee to you, too!

  3. This little piece of heaven ought to be hanging in everyone's home.

  4. It is beautiful! That would be wonderful to see every morning on the way to work, it would make for a great day each and every.


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