Monday, August 9, 2010

Creative Contemplation

Don't you love it when things in life come together? Everything right now for me is centering on the topic of creativity. Being aware of, responding to, listening to creative urges. Following my heart.

Recently, I've been inspired to write posts (yesterday and Friday) about creativity, exploring the process of being creative. These posts have come to me, come through me, as I sat down to write. No planning involved, just following where my heart led.

Yesterday, I posted a comment and link in response to a Shutter Sisters blog post, about a photograph that revealed more of me through the lens than I expected. That post from about a month ago, Create to Live, reveals my fundamental desire to create. Revisiting it reminded me of what is calling to my heart.

This morning, in looking for some links to older blog posts for another project, I started going back in time. Back to over a year ago, before I was doing the photo-a-day on my blog. I found a couple of my earliest posts on following my creative urges, and the things I was learning about creativity at the time. I can see that I was just starting on the creative path, just beginning to listen to my heart.

Today, as part of a morning ritual of inspirational reading, I started the August section in Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach. It's all about creativity, as a "sacred conduit to your authentic self." Sarah says this about expressing creativity, "When we choose to honor this priceless gift, we participate in the re-creation of the world. When we follow our authentic path with love, embracing our creative impulses, we live truth even if what we think we're doing is just planting a flower bed, cooking a meal, nuturing a child, editing a book, producting a television show, sewing a curtain, writing a brief, painting a pictures, teaching a craft, composing a song, or closing a deal." That resonated with me... following our heart, through creativity, is a positive gift to the world.

So, what is it I'm getting out of all of this? A reminder that this creative journey is ongoing, I've been on it for a while. An acknowledgement of the progress I've made since the start. A realization that I am following my heart, following the creative impulses, and they are leading me amazing places. Not only that, the more I practice, the easier it gets. I get an incredible sense of wonder and awe at the whole process!

And one last thought, one last question to answer... How does this photograph tie in to the whole thing? This is an image I captured when following a creative urge. No purpose other than that. I loved the light, the afterglow of the sunset, reflected on the lifeboat of the ferry we took from Italy to Croatia. I love the composition. It gives me a sense of calm, contemplation, and of beauty in the unexpected. I followed my heart, and was rewarded. I'm starting to learn, it's what happens every time!


  1. Great post... I may have to get the book you refer to. Thanks for sharing your thoughts... again, love your photo.

  2. Such a lovely and inspiring post!! I love reading your this lots! And that photo is so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  3. Again, another beautiful post that I find very inspiring. I've seen the book you mentioned on several blogs, and I think I should look into that. I love all the ideas I get from the different blogs. Thank you.

  4. I think that is why I am no interested in taking pictures for documentations purposes. It is why I fight going into business. These days, I find myself chasing the sunflare. I am so happy when I am rewarded for just living in the Moment. I do take the documentation pictures of my gk but the 16x20 that will hand in my home tonight is one taken from the back, them in water and flip flops, from behind. Beautiful thoughts, thank you Miss Kat!

  5. The "Simple Abundance" quote really resonates with me too....I'm finding that I can creatively approach so many aspects of my life. Of course, my first love is photography, and I have to carry my camera everywhere because I find images I want to capture in so many unexpected places. It's great that you can follow the arc of your creative journey in your blog. Thanks for sharing! Your photo has a wonderful serenity about it.

  6. Isn't it great that we learn every day? I love it! I learn the most from nature - every day a different story, a different point of view.
    PS: the photo is gorgeous! I find it interesting that we actually don't see if the boat is on the water or on the beach.


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