Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beads of Fog

What happens when it's cloudy and foggy on the mountaintop you visit? What happens when you look out and around and all you can see is a soft white? You start to notice the little details, close at hand. The way the fog beads up on the alpine grasses and flowers, like little crowns.
The softness of the light and the splashes of color of the wildflowers against the patina of the tundra.
The way the fog fades into the distance, providing a perfect backdrop to capture shining edges of nature's summer blanket in the Alps.

Who needs grand vistas, anyway?

(Photos from Eisel Peak on Mt. Pilatus, Switzerland.)


  1. This first and third one really show the fog. Beautifully illustrates our minds, sometimes. When we have too much on the brain. Gorgeous, my friend. Thank you for the mental picture!

  2. wow- really beautiful pictures. i think that fog is prettier in your photos than in real life

  3. Oh wow! love the photos and the thoughts that went with them. very creative!


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