Sunday, August 15, 2010

Be Delighted

Sometimes, when you are following your heart and your creative inspiration, when you just play around, you get to be delighted. Happy surprises appear out of nowhere. This image is one for me. I found this free action for Photoshop (works in Elements too - yay!) through a post on a Flickr group yesterday. I went to run it on another photo I had open, but somehow chose the photo incorrectly and got this one. Happy accident! I loved the result, it made the photo of the carnival lights in Geneva much more abstract and interesting.

Here's the original:

When we get creative, when we play, we have a lot of opportunity for happy accidents. These are what happen when we give up the idea of Serious Creativity with all of the pressure of creating something perfect, something that others will love, something marketable even, and just have fun.

Yesterday my son decided it was an "art day" and (to my neat-freak husband's horror) proceeded to pull out all of his art and craft supplies (and some of mine) and spread them out on the dining room table. I found some artists chalks amidst the wreckage and had fun playing with colors and getting my hands dirty. I call the result "The Color Comet." Here's another recent happy outcome, a painting I did a few weeks ago when I just felt like putting paint to canvas and playing around. Not trying to be an Artist with a capital A, just enjoying the process of creating. I like the colors and the message, it sits on my desk and reminds me everyday to believe in myself. I share these little pieces, not because they are fantastic art, but because they are not fantastic art. They are just the result of creative play. The process of playing around delighted me, so the end result delights me too, if only for the memory of the fun I had. Pastels on my fingers, paint brush in my hand.

So if you have time this week... wait, let me rephrase that... Make time this week to play creatively. Find a fun new action, pull out the paints or the pastels, go through your art and craft supplies and see what your fingers itch to hold. Don't have a plan, just have fun. Be delighted in the result. Come back and share your happy accidents!


  1. That photo did come out really cool. I totally agree with the idea of play. I just got done with a show, so (not that it wasn't enjoyable) it was all about "the show". So this wekend I started a paper mache monster and will work on a colorful new wreath from a Alisa Burke tutorial...for me and my enjoyment.

  2. The happy accidents are the best, when you just let go it's amazing what can happen!

    Enjoying your pics.

  3. It's wonderful to play and create something that comes from inside, it's like an essence of the person onto craft. I'm happy you had fun with your photo manipulation. It looks great! Have a happy week.

  4. Your picture is absolutly cool! I love playing around with photo's or my drawings like that. Your art work is wonderful... to have fun while creating is the best... getting lost in the moment.

  5. Hi Kat, Festive and fun posting. I particularly like your comet and "believe in me" piece...I like the idea of just having fun like kids do!

  6. I love those happy accidents. The photo result is amazing!

  7. Ok, will do! After photography digital art is my favorite and have been itching to use some out of the box products I have been holding one to! Thanks for the encouragment, my friend!

  8. Oh Kat! You are an Artist even when you aren't trying to be. Happy accidents indeed! Keep creating!

  9. Very well rephrased! "Make time" is so true!

    You did a lovely job! So fun and they are YOUR creations!

    You have been very busy lately!


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