Monday, August 30, 2010

Bath Time!

We are back from our lovely week in England, where we visited Bath, York and London. What a beautiful country! Buildings out of children's story books, the fastest moving clouds I have ever seen, and everything was in English. Imagine! That might sound silly, but I wasn't quite prepared for "foreign" travel in my own language, after traveling so much where the languages are different. The English language is the same yet so different in the UK. And some of the accents - they might well have been speaking a foreign tongue for what we understood!

Of all of the places we visited, Bath was our favorite. I loved the Bath stone buildings, the interesting doors, windows with flowers, rows upon rows of chimneys and the town at night. So much great history, from the Romans and earlier, to Jane Austen (I have to go re-read some books now).

When we found out the Roman Baths were open late I knew I wanted to visit in the evening, for the lights on the water. It turned out perfect - good light, fewer people - much better all around for me. You can almost transport yourself back in time with this image, imagining the baths in the Roman times. But not quite. The windows of the building behind, the signs, the walls - all subtle elements of modern day. An interesting juxtaposition of old and new, coming together in one pleasing composition. Hmmmm, that might just describe England as well!


  1. I'm so pleased you enjoyed our beautiful country Kat. I used to live near Bath years ago and loved it there. Your photograph is magical and brought it back to me vividly. Thank you!

  2. Hi Katrina, glad you enjoyed England. I could feel the excitement of the trip from your writing. Must be great to see Bath in the evening, just like your photo. Absolutely stunning! xm

  3. Welcome back! We have friends who live in Bath, and have enjoyed visiting their lovely city. Your picture is terrific--I love the mood it evokes!

  4. This picture of the Roman baths is perfect! The light is beautiful. In short - a stunning photo. I'm glad you enjoyed England. While I was still living in Germany I went to England OFTEN, I really love that country. I agree about the accents - the further north you get, the more difficult it is to understand (and just imagine that for those who don't speak English as their native language). However, we found out that whiskey helps a lot with the understanding...(at least in the evening)

  5. Bath is right next door to Bristol where I live and I love going there every now and then just to soak in the magic of that city. Glad you've enjoyed your trip here, now we want to see more photos please :)

  6. The reflection is marvelous! You are a dear, thank you!


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