Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chicago & Me

Chicago & Me
We danced a little dance
of lines and curves.

Looking up, up up,
I forgot to look down,
and saw inside instead.

Saw that life
is play
and art
and travel
and friends.
Life is joy
in the moment,

A camera,
an orange umbrella
are all I need
to be happy.

City of lines and curves,
of light reflected back,
I see Me.

Forgive the random poetry, I'm reading a book of poetry right now and was inspired by the snippets of ideas strung together. These photos were taken at the Cloud Gate sculpture, aka "The Bean," in Millenium park in Chicago. It was quite empty as I walked past on my way to the Art Institute, and I couldn't resist a few self portraits with my orange umbrella. The moment just made me happy.


  1. THIS is so unusual! Very cool indeed. The flash of orange is delightful.... A happy photo even if it was raining.
    Excellent blog post thanks for sharing. :-)
    Jennie. X

  2. These photos look great! Glad this time made you so happy!

  3. I love that the "Bean" and your reflection inspired this poem. Anytime we speak from the heart, in whatever form it takes, will resonate with others. And I want that orange umbrella!

  4. I like the huge B & W + sepia scene with tiny (orange) you as a focal point.

  5. How cool! I've heard of the "bean" and seen other photos of it. Your's are wonderful with that fantastic orange umbrella!! Love the poetry!!

  6. Never "bean" to Chicago...I love the fun you had with this shapely sculpture and all the fun reflections. The red umbrella is the perfect pop of color.

  7. I love the Bean! It's such a fun place to take photos - your orange umbrella makes for fun self portraits. Loved the poem.

  8. You have to come in the summer and go to the fountains right by the bean! Its a total kid thing - you can run around in the fountains and splash and when they change faces on the columns, theres a huge stream of water that comes out of the mouth of whatever picture is disappearing. Its hilarious and totally fun! And you def have to take in an outdoor concert! In the winter, there's fabulous ice skating -- and its all - right by THE BEAN :)!

  9. great shots kat. glad you are having fun!


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