Monday, October 24, 2011

Paint the Music

Can you imagine a world without music? I can't. As much as I love the visual arts, I love music too. What a fun combination of music + painting I found a couple of months ago, in a window in downtown Corvallis. Bringing colors and sounds together, in one place. I had fun composing this shot with all of the bits and pieces of violins visible.

Music is on my mind today, because we saw Matt Nathanson in concert last night in Portland. Hearing great music live is a favorite thing of mine. Whether a symphony orchestra at La Scala in Milan or Matt in the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, there is a different experience of hearing music live. You feel it in deep in your body, you can't help but move. And when the whole audience loves the music and is singing along? Wow, what an energy! Music is another soul language, it short cuts the brain and connects right to your soul.

Matt is a great musician, and a fantastic entertainer. His live shows do not disappoint. This was Brandon's first concert (that he was awake for - he slept through a Matchbox 20 concert a number of years ago), and he was so excited. As we headed home, he said his favorite song, Faster, was even "catchier" live. I think he's got my live music bug. Maybe some will consider us irresponsible parents for taking a 10 year old to a concert on a school night, but I can't help but believe that learning to love music is an important part of his life education too.

We had another great side benefit, being introduced to Scars on 45, the opening band. They are from England and are definitely worth a listen. I'll leave you with a song from them today.


  1. Oh - I love him. I listened to my favorite song "Come on Get High" on the plane this morning and it has been on repeat in my head all day - what a treat.

  2. Irresponsible? Not at all. My Mum did much the same, and those concert nights remain some of the strongest memories of my youth.

    There's a live show coming up on Friday with one of my all-time favourite bands - I'm so excited! So I totally agree with what you're saying here :)

  3. Funny, I was thinking a lot about music being soul food tonight too!

  4. Thanks for sharing - I just listened to both and liked them very much.
    I have been following Edwin Mccain for quite some time. I love his music and he is such a genuine man. This summer he performed in Maine with an amazingly talented young man, Seth Glier.

    You are a good Mom. How fortunate your son is to have such an intelligent, strong and creative woman for his mother!

  5. I was thinking the same thing as Phyllis. Your son is very fortunate to have your creative influence!! A little late to bed is definitely OK when you've created a memory that he won't ever forget!! Thanks for sharing the song with us!

  6. Paint the music, yes, but hear the colors. As you might guess this was an interesting read for me. Someday soon I'm going to realize and accept how lucky I have been to have known, breathed, and immersed myself in two soul languages. I'm missing my first one, but this 2nd one gets better and better.
    I love the colorful combination of music and art in your image. Couldn't get the music vid to play....oh well. I guess that's a sign for me.


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