Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Loner

One lone flower, tossed aside. 

It makes me ask, can an image of a "thing" evoke emotion? As a "thing" photographer, I would answer yes. This image speaks to me through the isolation of the flower, discarded for not being perfect. The flower is not even in the bunch with the other discarded flowers, it is off on its own. Truly alone. But in its isolation, the remaining beauty of the flower can be seen. The gorgeous color and the shape, jump out at me against the concrete in a way that would be lost in the group.

It seems there is a message here, that can be brought into my life. It's ok to be less than perfect. It's ok to be out there, on my own once in a while. Once in a while, being outside the group can help me shine my unique beauty. My unique view on the world.

What do you take away from this image?  Does it speak to you too?


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  1. I can definitely relate to this post and often feel like that flower . . . apart from the group in some way.

  2. Thanks for the visual reminder that it is ok to be less than perfect - the need to achieve perfection is something that I struggle with daily.

    And that reminder that our images can tell stories.

  3. OK, I read too many mystery novels. To me it looks like it was shot down while trying to escape from the fate awaiting the crowds in the buckets. It made it farther than the others....

    I want to take it home and put it in a bud vase and nurse it back to health. I can't believe they throw away so many beautiful flowers. They look perfect to me!

  4. Think I needed this post today! Thanks for reminding ua it's okay to stand alone and let our unique beauty speak for us.!

  5. i wish i had something deep to say :)
    but i'm tired. i just wanted to let you know that this post resonated with me.
    i'm too sleepy to articulate why it did.

    i admire your photography.
    very much.

  6. Your words about this photo and the photo itself resonated with me as well. They were beautiful and poetic! I can almost imagine too that it may not have been tossed, but rather floated away from the other flowers by the breath of the wind. In the language of flowers (which I have recently discovered as an interesting source of study and I think the following definition is correct), the burgundy rose signifies unconscious beauty. Resting alone in courage, I can see this flower catching someone's eye and he/she picking it up and giving it to someone who is loved.

  7. This picture immediately brought carelessness to mind for me. They had obviously been busy selling, but look at the mess scattered on the ground and how far it has been flung. But that's just me. These are living things, helping with someone's income, and yet treated with little regard. Made me sad for a different reason, I guess. Like that red treasure has been treated like an object, not seen, and left to be trampled upon.

  8. This really resonated with me, for the reasons you give. I've felt like that flower most of my life - not valued for what I am, but pushed out on the edge because I don't conform. I find the different interpretations people are bringing to this really interesting.

  9. Hey Kat-
    I too find it interesting that a photo can "speak" and this shot definitely does. Discarded, loan...I guess everyone feels that way at times. I certainly don't feel that way among you and the folks that visit your blog! Isn't that great?

  10. Yes, THAT would be the Flower I'd be inclined to notice & pick up to make my bouquet out of. Often when things stand alone they don't blend in and get totally lost in the masses that surround them, so they can be appreciated on their individual merit.

    Loving your Blog & Photography... so glad to have discovered it this Morning! I so enjoy Blogs that have Lovely Images AND something intriguing or delightful to read.

    Dawn... the Bohemian


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