Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Colors don't Fade

One of the great things about photography, the colors you capture never fade. You can come back to your images again and again, and the colors remain the same. In the depths of winter, when life can seem monochromatic, this is a joy. Bright color is always to be found in my photo archives!

I hope you've enjoyed studying color for the last month, with the Exploring with a Camera themes of The Color Wheel, Part 1 and Part 2. From monochromatic to triadic, you all found some great color! We finish up Part 2 today, with a bit of fall complementary color I found on the Oregon Coast this weekend.

Since I'm in Chicago this week, there will be no new Exploring with a Camera tomorrow. I have a great one brewing to share with you next week, when I am back home. In the meantime enjoy some dynamic color as you visit the links shared in Part 2.


  1. So true - thanks for reminding us colour shots are always there to brighten winter's days and cool off summer nights.
    Great Pumpkins!

  2. Love the pumpkins and the blue! Have a great trip to Chicago. I hope you found someone to photowalk with.

  3. It's been great fun exploring color with you, Kat! Love your pumpkin image. Have a wonderful trip!

  4. This is a wonderful image Kat!
    Hope you are enjoying Chicago.

  5. Love how you put these two colors together. They're splendid. Great composition too! Enjoy chicago!

  6. If you are here in Chicago this weekend there's a great program thru the Architecture Foundation called openhouse chicago. Check it out. Enjoy your visit.

  7. i'm sure i'll be craving more color during the upcoming winter months. enjoy your trip!

  8. your pumpkin image looks almost like an oil painting I've seen. Lovely contrasting colors.
    wish I had been able to get my camera out & about... perhaps the next one.


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