Friday, October 14, 2011

Heading Home

We are finishing up the blur theme at Mortal Muses today, with Muse Mosaic. For this theme, I had gone out to capture some intentional blur one rainy evening, on the street behind my house. I stood in the rain and played for a while, trying different amounts of out-of-focus-ness as the cars went by. I liked the feeling that these images brought to me. I imagined each of these cars were carrying people home, tired and wet after a long day, to a snug, warm house. Interesting how a dark, chilly, rainy image could evoke a warm feeling for me.

You can join in too! Click the button below to hop over and link in your "blur" image and visit the others. Have a great weekend! I'll be heading home myself, from Chicago.


  1. This is really lovely - I love street bokeh!

  2. I'm becoming more drawn to blurred shots....especially street scenes. I think the wet streets really added with all the reflections....some cool color wheel colors in there too, me thinks.

  3. This has that lovely autumnal feel to it. Gorgeous!


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