Thursday, October 27, 2011

Exploring Texture

Does this image have texture? I think so. Maybe on a larger scale than we normally think of texture, but it is on the surface and brings more interest to the painting of the coffee cup painted on the side of this Florence, Oregon building.

We have finished up the first with of Exploring with a Camera: Found Texture, and as usual, you all have shown how much wonderful texture there is to capture with our cameras. We still have another week with this wonderful topic! Keep looking for texture, and link in below.

Take a few moments to look at the links others have shared, see what types of textures appeal to you. Look at how light and color all work together, when photographing texture. There is so much to learn, when we open our eyes to see. Thanks for joining me!

(And don't forget, there is a giveaway this time. You enter to win the postcards by linking in!)

FYI - Links will be moderated. Please use a permalink, ensure that your linked image is on topic, and include a link back to this site in your post through the Exploring with a Camera button (available here) or a text link. Thanks!


  1. I love texture (it plays a bit part in my artwork) and I loved seeing how people were able to capture that through a camera lens.

  2. Great example of 'texture' ~ Love your postcards ~ I linked again with my latest today ~ hope that is okay ~ enjoy the day ~ (rainy and cold here) ~ thanks for hosting! ~ namastee, Carol ^_^

  3. I love the sound of rain on that kind of wall... OOh your photo made me nostalgic!! :D


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