Tuesday, March 29, 2011

News Flash - Postcard Swap, Birds for Japan and Superheros

I interrupt today's regularly scheduled blog post to bring you some interesting news. What do postcards, birds and superheros have in common? They are all on my blog today - read on to find out why!

Introducing the Liberate your Art Postcard Swap

Today I'm announcing the "Liberate your Art" Postcard Swap I'll be hosting this summer! Many of us have an artistic practice - whether it be photography, mixed media, painting, beading, papercrafting, ceramics, you name it - but we don't always share our craft with the rest of the world in a physical form. So I'm going to encourage you to "Liberate your Art" from the online world through a postcard swap! Is there anything better than getting artistic, creative snail mail in your post box? I don't think so!

Here's how it will work:
1. Have five postcard prints made of your original artwork. These could be photographs you've taken, prints of your painted or mixed media work, or images of 3D artwork. You can use five different images or five of the same image. The only requirement is that they be postcard-size prints of your original work (no layered or 3D artwork as part of this swap).
2. Mail the postcards to me in the US along with your address and return postage in July. (Signup and mailing details will be provided later, along with how non-US participants can provide return postage.)
3. You will receive five postcards back in the mail from other artists from around the world.

Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Though the swap won't take place until July after I return to the US, I'm telling you this now so that you can get started on your postcard prints. You may want to create them yourself at home, or you may want to order them from an online source. I've had great luck with moo.com and have a 20% off discount code for new customers if you order by 30 March - that's tomorrow (use this code: BK67DT). There are many other options for printing postcards, let me know what services you recommend and if you come across any discounts I'll share them in future updates.

More details and sign up will be available in the near future. Until then, start planning your postcards and get ready to Liberate your Art this summer!

Help Japan 1000 Birds Project

UK-based Japanese ceramics artist Makiko Hastings has a wonderful project going on to help Japan. She is creating and selling one thousand of these delightful little ceramic birds to raise money. All are unique, numbered and handmade by Maki. You can find out how to participate and help her help Japan on her blog, shin shin.

I have a special connection to Maki, since I had the opportunity to meet her when we visited England last summer. We met for breakfast and both were a bit nervous to meet someone from the online world. It seemed a bit weird at first, but we knew we had a love of art in common and quickly fell into conversation. I enjoyed talking with Maki and hearing the story of how she came to England from Japan and her dreams of being a ceramic artist. Since then, I've enjoyed following her adventures and her beautiful artwork on her blog.

Maki and me at the "posh" Betty's Tea Room in York
I hope you'll support Maki's efforts to help Japan. We have three of these special little birds winging their way to us in Italy - I can see a group of three photo in my mind's eye already!

Are you a Superhero?

If you are ready to put on your cape and change the world with your creative ideas, my friend Jenny Shih is here to help you. She's a business coach for creative entrepreneurs, and I can't begin to express to you how enthusiastic she is about this job! Even though I haven't ever been "officially" coached by her, she's given me more helpful ideas than I can count, just in casual conversation. She's got it all - great ideas, great strategies and great heart

If you have a creative idea and are looking for some help to make your business a reality, or to help your existing business grow, she's the woman to help you become the superhero you were meant to be. Take a look at her fun video below and then stop by her site, jennyshih.com, to see how she can help you with your plans to change the world.

Put on Your Cape, It's Time to Save the World from Jenny Shih on Vimeo.

(Today's image is from a back alley in Dubrovnik, Croatia.)


  1. ah, you are so informative today kat! love this post. i just bought 5 birds, and will have to think about this interesting post card swap. it's a great idea!

  2. OK. Birds ordered and will go through photos and get some postcards made to send you. Jenny Shih details noted. Anything else you want me to do :-)

  3. Oh wow, what a post, Kat! Full of wonderful ideas - thanks so much for sharing everything! And yes, I think your postcard swap is definitely fun and I'd love to participate :-)

  4. count me in on the postcard swap Katrina!

  5. I love the postcard idea and I've been meaning to get new cards made so thanks for pushing me off!

  6. Thanks for the mention, Kat! I have some superhero postcards I'd love to contribute to the art swap. My crayon drawings would love to be liberated even more!!

  7. What an AWESOME post - so full of fun. I'm so in for the swap.

  8. Fantastic post Kat, and i am looking so forward to the postcard swap!!

  9. Wow! Kat! So much to do! I love the idea of the postcard swap. For sure will get my act together for that one....

  10. Kat, the postcard you sent along with those Florentine Papers is just as beautiful to me as the papers! Count me in for the postcard swap, too. This will stretch me in new ways.

  11. Ok, sign me up. Love a good postcard swap!

  12. I'll try to join in the postcard fun. Keep us posted on how Europeans can play!!

    Maki's birds are beautiful. She's amazing.
    Best wishes from germany,

  13. Nice post... I would love to do the post card swap... Count me in.


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