Thursday, March 31, 2011

Share Your View: Group of Three

The best laid plans sometimes go awry! When I went into Flickr today to pull some of your "group of three" images from the Exploring with a Camera pool to post here, all of the sharing had been turned off. At first I thought it was just a couple of people but it must be a Flickr-wide issue because everyone has sharing turned off.

Instead, I'm improvising to share with you this group of three pots spotted on the streets of Ravenna. I'm never at a loss of photos to share! It's actually quite fun, my family gets into Exploring with a Camera along with me and after I've posted a new topic they are most helpful in pointing out possible images on the theme as we travel. My husband spotted this group!

This post is about you though, and your view. Since Flickr is acting up, please be sure to link in your Group of Three images below so that we can all enjoy them. I love the different finds and compositions you all have shared so far!


  1. Lovely image. These pots are a beautiful shape and I like the feel of warmth on terracotta that this image gives. (Or at least, I think they're terracotta!).

  2. From the first day my last grandchild was born I have taking a few hundred photos every year of just the three of them. They know the drill and the why and play along. Three is my favorite number and find myself drawn to it even if my three beauties are nowhere around. Love, love the photo Miss K!

  3. Your photo is wonderful -- I love the composition and the light and shadow. I'm having so much fun with threesomes, and really enjoying seeing the posted images too.

  4. This is wonderful! I'm still trying on my own "group of three" - so far without success... but there is still time ;-)

  5. this was fun, i was seeing triple all week. thanks kat!

  6. Hope it's okay that I linked up with you!? :)


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