Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Circling Around

No matter how much we travel in Italy, I always find myself delightfully surprised. Each town has its own claim to fame, but often it's the little things that are more interesting. Our latest visit to Ravenna was no exception. The town is known for the amazing Byzantine mosaics of its churches, but it was the number of bicycles on it's streets that captured my attention. They were everywhere, all shapes and sizes and colors - compositions just waiting to be captured.

I especially had an eye out for groups of three, as always happens with my Exploring with a Camera theme. I loved this little family of three bicycles. It's looks like a family, doesn't it? Look how they are all grouped, overlapping, in each other's space. Maybe I see it that way because my family is a family of three, and our images are always a reflection of our selves. Upon review today I also discovered the row of circles - wheels, chainrings, hubs - that forms a chain along the bottom of the image. How cool.

Ravenna as a bicycle city was a delightful find, a surprise that you likely won't find mentioned in any guidebooks. That circles me around again to where I started - there is always something interesting to be found in the towns of Italy. For me, it's always in the streets, not the churches.


  1. I think you have mummy bike, daddy bike and baby bike here. I can't see the porridge though :-)
    Keep posting these lovely bike pictures - my first lesson's getting closer so I need to be bike psyched!

  2. Streets are full of life, the here and now, being in the present, whereas churches although beautiful are reminiscent of the past, or somewhere else.

    I like your group of three it tells a story of the owners.

    Sue x

  3. I bet you are going to miss the pace, that old world beauty, and that different sense of community when you come back. I love the bike family. :)

  4. We visited Ravenna in 2008, and I loved the feel and look of the town too. Those pedestrian/bike streets are just so charming. That's a wonderful bike photo, Kat!

  5. I'm totally a sucker for bicycles...took some when I was in Boston shooting pics last fall. I too would be drawn to street vs. churches-but really can't lose either way, can you?

  6. What an awesome find! They do look like a family, so beautiful


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