Thursday, March 31, 2011

Share Your View, Part 2

Three's a Crowd
Three's a Crowd by ArtsyBelle

Do you ever have those "duh" moments, where when you realize that you did something really, well, kind of silly? And you told somebody about it one way, but realized you were seeing the situation incorrectly and you were just wrong? I'll confess, I had that yesterday around the whole Flickr photo thing. There wasn't a problem with sharing, the menus were just changed and the problem was completely with me. Silly me.

Three onions
Three onions by Karin van D.

So, here is Share Your View: Group of Three part 2 - where it actually is your view from the Flickr pool. You still have through April 5 to explore groups of three and share them through the linky here or in the Flickr pool. I'll do one more wrap up post with images from the Flickr pool next Wednesday.

I'm loving your groups of three, keep them coming. Have a great weekend exploring!

seedpods by drolwa


  1. Thanks for liking my photo Kat. Your blog inspires me :-)

  2. I have loads of "duh" moments and they're on the increase, so I shouldn't worry about it. I'll see if I can find some more groups of three in my photo library for your Flickr pool.

  3. Haha. I have those kind of 'duh' moments almost on a daily basis, so you're in good company ;-)

    Thanks for the love for my onions. I feel honoured!

  4. Thanks so much for posting my photo of seedpods. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. OK, now I am inspired for my Saturday project! One... Two... Three!


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