Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reminiscent of Casanova

Have you ever heard of Casanova? You probably know the name, in relation to someone who is good at attracting and seducing women. Giacomo Casanova was a real person, a Venetian living in the 18th century, the height of Venice's glory days. For some reason, this photo brought him to my mind. Can't you just see it? The cool Venetian noble, surveying the scene, looking for his next partner.

Even though you know the truth about Carnevale, it's still fun to imagine, isn't it? I find that I can hold the "real" and the "imaginary" Carnevale in my mind at the same time through my images. This guy picked a perfect spot to just hang out and be photographed. Even though there is a pedestrian walkway behind him, no one lingered and I could get a wonderful full-length shot to show his costume with a truly Venetian background.

I want to share something completely unrelated with you today too. Have you ever heard of Brave Girls Club?  They have a daily inspirational email called "The Daily Truth" you can sign up for, and some days the words just click for me, arriving at a perfect time. Today's email was one of those times, I and I want to share them with you too. You can sign up for the daily email at the link above.
Dear Joyful Girl,
Joy is good. Did you know there's a difference between happiness and joy?
"Joy is untouched by circumstance."
You see, happiness is sometimes fleeting. Joy is a state of mind; that no matter what happens, no matter how much we had planned on a different outcome, that we will always center our lives on what is RIGHT rather than what is WRONG. We will trust the moment and the unexpected gifts that every moment holds. We will trust the moment and the unexpected gifts that every moment holds, even the scary, strange, and unexpectedly difficult moments. Especially those moments, actually.
Even Oprah said it perfectly:
"What I know for sure is that you feel real JOY in direct proportion to how connected you are to living your truth."
Living your truth means listening very closely to the very quiet voice that is constantly trying to get your attention. Living your truth means being very very still and seeking truth and beauty and goodness and small miracles all the days of your life. Living your truth means being exactly who YOU are, in spite of who and what others around you are. Living your truth is a joyful life, a path that no circumstances can every rip you off of.
Joy can be felt anywhere, at any time, in any situation. This is the truth.
Go forward in JOY, Brave Girl!
Here's to finding joy and living your truth! Happy Friday!


  1. Thanks for sharing the Brave Girls email, it related so much to something that I have been having a hard time with that happened and work. It makes me feel so much better! Thank Kat!

  2. I love this quote - I need to sign up for the emails - what a wonderful treat.

  3. I like the distinction between joy and happiness... were you part of THE JOY DIET book club, Kat? I loved that book. As for Casanova, I love your photo, but he's really not my type.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. i love your post and i do see casanova. i will definitely sign up for that email then =)

  5. Thank you for both the photo of Casanova and the quote. I too think we can find joy in all that we do.


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