Friday, March 18, 2011

In Search of the Tricolore

Tricolore in Italian means three colors. It's the nickname of the Italian flag with its green, white and red, similar to our nickname of "stars and stripes" for the US flag. Yesterday, the three colors were found everywhere for the celebration of 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. It was a special "one time" holiday, and schools, banks and businesses were closed. We hadn't known about this in advance, so it was a bonus day off for us. We enjoyed a lazy morning at home and then went into Milan to see what was going on.

I don't know if this is the same in all European cultures, but on public holidays Italians seem to gather in the piazzas and pedestrian zones. They get out and about. The museums and restaurants are always open and full, even if the shops are not. Surprisingly the shops were open this day, which made it even busier.

There were probably a lot of special events such as concerts going on, but we just enjoyed walking around. Our excursion became a quest to spot the Tricolore, since the colors of the Italian flag were creatively displayed in many unusual places. The colors could be found on public buildings (above) and the light posts became flagpoles in Piazza del Duomo.

Sometimes it was as simple as a flag added to a display, as in this elegant mens clothing store (note the price of those pants - 1590 Euro!)...

... or neatly stacked shirts.

They ranged from a complete window set up, like my favorite store Campo Marzio...

... to a subtle little addition in an otherwise full display.

Who knew there was so much to be found in green, white and red? You could outfit your whole desk or wardrobe! I loved these little clocks.

You can't forget jewelry. Swarovski had a special edition crystal to commemorate the anniversary.

The street vendors were not to be left out. It was a rainy day so you never knew when you might need an umbrella.

The vendors who usually sold scarves or other trinket merchandise were in on the holiday too.

Flags could be found everywhere. On heads...

... and in hands.

The pride in country, through display of the flag, was visible everywhere. We ended our day in Milan by finding a special tram, painted in the tricolore and covered in lights.

We were nearly home when we saw an amazing light show, at the Villa Reale (Royal Villa). Just up the road from us, this "villa" was once the summer home of the king of Italy. They occasionally change the color of the lights, but we've never seen the tricolore before. It was a great end to our color-spotting day.

Happy Anniversary Italy! We were happy to be here to see your celebration, and the colors of your country so proudly displayed.

PS - I didn't forget! Today was the drawing for the giveaway of the Florentine papers. The winner is Deb of the blog Learning As I Go. Congrats to Deb, and thank you all so much for entering.


  1. I was disappointed not to see a plate of Tomato, Mozarella and Basil salad :-)

  2. What a wonderful post.....I love your tricolore theme! Tne Italians really know how to celebrate! Thanks for sharing this -- I feel like I had a few minutes in Italy.

  3. Is it just me or did the mens clothing store stuff the flag in a waste basket?

  4. How fun this would be to do in each country you have been in? Beautiful. love the buses!

  5. Oh, I love those window displays - so beautiful

  6. wonderful shots, wow what a fantastic collection of colours

  7. I have really enjoyed reading everyone's posts about the celebrations yesterday and our different takes on the event. Great photographs.
    Viva l’Italia! Long Live Italy

  8. You found the tricolor everywhere. I agree those little clocks are great, but my fave in the train and reflection....great capture.

  9. Wow, that's fascinating! There are a lot of flags out on Norway's national day too, but not to this extent.

  10. Those window displays are amazing, Kat! I bet the people who came up with the clock idea were really pleased with themselves!

  11. Your photos really give the sense of how the country came out to celebrate. Thanks for sharing this view of the world through your lens!

  12. Oops! I hit post comment too soon... I meant to say Thank You for the giveaway of the Florentine Papers!

  13. Oh I miss Italy. We just moved from Italy to Las Vegas. You pictures truly captured the sense of pride and attention to beauty and detail.
    We also once lived in Turkey and the flag in conjunction with all kinds of big pictures of Ataturk were displayed on almost every possible occasion.
    I can't wait for your photography class to start. I will make sure to participate.
    Love from Eva

  14. Wonderful post sweetie. I love the clocks. :)


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