Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why Windows?

An attractive set of windows in Dubrovnik caught my eye. As I was editing this photo and others from this day I wondered, why windows? Why do they catch my eye so? Especially ones with plants and flowers in them. Ones like this, with interesting bars to cover them too.

Maybe it's because of the individuality of each of them. Each window is different, unique, has a history of its own. The decorations reflect the individuality of the owners, no two are alike. They are an outward display of the lives inside. So much of peoples lives is closed inside here in Europe - inside the shuttered windows and big solid doors - that this is a little glimpse that there is someone living in there. And someone there who cares to make their place look pretty on the outside, even if the only way to do that is to decorate the window. Not for the tourists, but for themselves and their neighbors, the people who will enjoy it every day.

And I get to enjoy these windows, to photograph them, and to share them with you. Thanks to all of these anonymous people, who make my images possible. They are the true artists here!


  1. I like windows too. I think they are like eyes on people. I always look to the eyes of a person, and I always look to the windows of a house.

  2. I know what you mean by taking photos of windows, doors, what's hanging outside of windows, etc. Maybe it was something to do with seeing a peek or an opening to another someone's home...interesting!

  3. Oh I do miss seeing this kind of thing, I've made a small windowbox for my house and I just love it. Thanks you for all these images, what a nice reminder of home :)

  4. I love looking in people's windows. Like at Halloween and Christmas. A window is a portal into one's private space. Because of air conditioning, we seldom sit on porches anymore and wave or nod. Love your photos, thanks for sharing!


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