Thursday, July 8, 2010


As I was going through more photos from Split, Croatia yesterday, I came across this one from the market. It gave me such a feeling of abundance. Maybe it's the color, such rich deep reds punctuated with the lighter colors. Maybe it's the fact that they are laying there in a pile. I mean, how often do you just see a pile of flowers? A pile of roses? Roses are far too noble and revered a flower to just pile up, unless you have too many of them.

Isn't it amazing and wonderful that such a simple thing, an image of a pile of flowers, can give a feeling of abundance? That means, it's all in our outlook. Feelings of abundance are all in what we choose to see in our world, not just what we have. We can see the abundance in life around us, or the lack.

And think of all of the flower images I have, that I've shared here. Look at me, I'm rich! And I'm so happy to share my riches with you.


  1. Nice! I can almost smell them, too...

  2. That is wonderful that you feel this way, when looking at the beauty of roses. For me every flower means life, and each has a different story to tell however fruitful, always connecting to the source, everlasting purity of change. Happy Creative every day, and many wishes to you of abundance. :)

  3. What a gorgeous pile of roses. I want to scoop them up. I'm happy that I get to play with flowers tonight in my Ikebana class.

    Thanks for sharing the simple pleasures in life.

  4. I agree! Feelings of abundance are all about what we feel rather than what we have. Things can disappear but our feelings and memories are with us forever. Thank you for sharing your beautiful flowers with us. Have a great week.

  5. Thanks for sharing your feeling of abundance--your lovely photo helps me feel it too.
    Richness of the senses is so wonderful. Happy weekend!

  6. grazie for sharing your riches! la foto e bellisima! ciao!

  7. I give power to flowers too, you just can't help but post, you're surrounded by the abundance how can you keep it to yourself?!!!

    Have a beautiful abundant week.

  8. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing the abundance. :)


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