Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To Keep You Safe

One thing that I don't share often are images of signs. There are so many different signs here in Europe that you just don't see in the US, many of them with these pseudo stick figures displaying unacceptable behaviors. It's amazing how much you can convey with a simple little psuedo-stick figure. Maybe it's because there are so many cultures and languages all mixed up here, a picture is the most effective way to convey information quickly. Today's image is one example that I found very amusing, from a German train station. If common sense weren't enough to keep you from the edge of the platform, and if you don't read German, here you go. Now you're safe.


  1. I've noticed that there are lots of different signs here too... one that I think is super funny in Italy, is for the "deformed road" - one with little bumps on it. Meaning the road might be a bit rough up ahead...however, the sheer amount of those signs around makes you wonder if they shouldn't have just spent the money on fixing the roads :)

  2. I love signs! There are some things that are universal - add a few stick people and some black and you are in business!
    Growing up, my Oma lived with us so we were a dual language family. When we couldn't remember a word in English, we said it in German. Happy to say that my sister and I spent many successful years in speech therapy because no one in the educational system, could put that together. Too bad, we didn't have a sign!

  3. whew! good thing for the sign!


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