Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Always Looking In

It seems I'm always looking in. Into windows, courtyards, towns. Capturing the evidence of the lives of people in the places we visit. I love windows like this one from Split, Croatia... so full of plants the shutters won't close. Full of the day's laundry drying. Full of texture and rust, of times past caught along with the current moment.

Isn't that what photography is about? I guess it is, at least from the Kat Eye View!

So, what's your view?


  1. I'm from this part of the world and often miss it, especially the sea, maybe I should move closer to Atlantic to compensate? :)
    Beautiful shots, thanks for sharing, always nice to see parts of my country through other people's eyes.

  2. that is so interesting that the plants make it where you can't shut it. and the laundry looks so nice. ah... i love looking in to and wondering...

  3. I love all the baby spider plants pushing out the window and the clean white clothes drying. The rough wood, touch of rust, and the rough wall. Really enjoy your Kat's eye view! :)


What's your view of the world? I love to hear yours too!

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