Sunday, July 4, 2010

Everyday Life with History

We just returned yesterday from our week-long road trip through Croatia and Slovenia. What a crazy trip - we travelled so much - visiting Split, Dubrovnik, Korcula, Plitvic National Park in Croatia and Bled, Postojna and Slocjam in Slovenia. We saw lots of wonderful and amazing places, and arrived home tired from the travel. Lesson learned - don't travel quite so much in one trip. Downtime is needed.

Today's image has a different message than that though, this is one of living with history. You see, in Split, Croatia most of the old city was built up inside of Roman emperor Diocletian's palace. The palace walls were once the city walls and the medieval old city is a wonderful little place where Roman ruins are just part of the life around them. I love this image for what it tells you of this place. Look at the building - grass is sprouting from the roof and the stone is all cracked. You can just glimpse an arch of the Roman palace gate in the background and see the ruined wall beside it. But look closer, there is something in the attic window. Look closer, at the brand new shutters. Someone lives here. Someone lives in this house that looks like it could fall down tomorrow. Someone lives with this history, as part of their every day.


  1. Hi Kat, Your photo is wonderful and interesting. It must be so exciting to live surrounded by such history!

  2. LOVE that house! What a great place to live with so much history in it.

  3. Love your photos.... it is wonderful to "travel" through your photos

  4. Wonderful photo. Fascinating that someone lives in this old, crumbling building. Sounds like a very full trip. :)


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