Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Same but Different

Farmer's Markets all over the world are the same aren't they? Tables with yummy fruit and vegetables, fresh from the farm, and people who are part of their growing are selling them. In a way, the markets bring us closer together. Closer to our food, without it just showing up magically in a supermarket in the refridgerated section under flourescent lights, you get a better idea of where it's coming from. Who is growing it. They also bring us closer together culturally, it's a familiar experience to visit a market and see the day's wares available to sell. It's an equalizer, every one has to eat. And that food comes from the same place - the land, the sea.

But you also get to see the little differences. Maybe a fruit or vegetable or flower you aren't familiar with. Maybe it's mostly fish instead of other types of meat. The signs for the names or currency are different. Or in the case of this market in Split, Croatia, you see that each woman has a little table for their fruit and vegetables, all lined up in a row, instead of the big truckload farm stands. You see the women who look like they have worked the land for most of their life. The people who, by their existence, would ensure we would eat well here in this country.

Bringing me just a little closer to the place we are visiting. Markets are amazing things.


  1. I love markets, they're so full of color, the smell of fresh fruit and veg, the people who are mingling and exploring, and then if there is a coffee shop near by where you can sit down and have a long coffee and just watch all the hustle and bustle it makes the experience even better.

  2. I love the smell of farmer's markets on warm days when the sun releases the fragrance of the fruits. I especially like the peaches (beautiful photo you took!) and the basil....perfume!!

  3. I like markets too. They are full of colours, interesting people..., they are so alive. I like your picture - you have waited for a super great moment to take it. If it was a different veg. or fruit, it wouldn't have such a great effect (I think).

  4. Great photo. We so often forget the beauty in the ordinary. So simple, a hand choosing what to eat but such grace in movement, as well.

  5. ...this is when I have good friends who can help me can the fruits and veggies! Always get more than enough:)


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