Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saying Goodbye

It's that time. Time for the going away lunches and dinners and general well wishes from lots of folks. It's amazing how popular you feel when you get close to leaving! :) It is nice to spend time with your friends anytime, but it makes you feel special when it is in honor of you.

Friday night my friend Jenny hosted a small going away party for us at her house to have a chance to mix and mingle with our friends. It was a nice evening of yummy food and wine and chatting. There was also a "sock contest," which was supposed to be a joke but enough people took it seriously that we had quite a collection of interesting stocking feet! Brandon was the judge and enjoyed the responsibility.

Me, Emmet, Roberta and Jenny

Becky, Me and Sarah. Becky already has tickets to come visit this summer (woohoo!) and Sarah came down from Seattle for the party. So much fun!

A big thanks to Jenny and Paul for the good time!

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