Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Visas

Patrick and Brandon's passports arrived back today with visas in them! Yay! The final documentation. They also have their flight booked for April 18 so they'll be coming 4 days after me. Yay!

That is the exciting news today. Other than that I'm a big stress ball because there is just SO MUCH TO DO at work and with details on the assignment and I feel like things are falling out of my brain left and right. There isn't so much to do at home, things are coming along fine with the move prep, but by the time I get home I'm wiped out and apparently a bit stressed because I was snappy tonight.

I just want to get through a couple of big things at work - one of which is cleaning out my desk. Today I realized I still have a ton of stuff to bring home - like a whole shelf full of textbooks. I also realized that I had all of my performance evaluations since I started at work in 1992 filed away. What in the world was I saving them for? Along with copies of every expense report I submitted for the last 10 years? Who knows the logic. I guess I'm just a pack rat. Which is fine normally but in times like this it makes more work!

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