Sunday, April 12, 2009

Last Days!

Yesterday we went to the coast for a last "hurrah" before the serious packing up begins. It was nice to go to the aquarium and have my favorite beer cheese soup at the Rogue Brewery before we leave. Unfortunately it was a bit chilly and windy for a walk on the beach, at least with the coats we had with us. You just never know with the Oregon Coast! I was inspired with a couple of pics I took yesterday to make this "triptych" with the photos.

Today it was pack, pack, pack all the day long (with a nice little break to go eat Easter ham with our friends Katey and Errol). Now, we aren't packing everything into boxes, but we've had to organize into four categories: Ship, Store, Carry, and Give away. The "Give away" stuff is pretty much gone - except for food and cleaning products. :) We've almost moved all of the "Ship" items into one place in our front room. The "Carry" suitcases have almost all been packed to make sure that everything fits and is within the weight limits of the airline.

This last one has been today's challenge! I have one suitcase that is overweight and oversize and it's just going to be that way for a $350 fee, because I can't handle more than two suitcases with the cat. I'm not even sure that I can handle these two suitcases but I will survive from baggage claim to the rental car lot somehow. :)

We just took a break to eat dinner and I've now backed up our desktop onto the External Hard Drive, so in a few moments I'll be shutting down the family computer and getting that ready to pack.

I leave in 2 DAYS!!!!

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