Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Earthquakes and Conferences

OK, first off, the earthquake in Italy is not near where we are moving. It is 200 to 300 miles south, closer to Rome. As Patrick put it "We are closer to France than to the earthquake." So don't worry about us. We cannot imagine the loss and destruction that the communities affected by the earthquake are experiencing. Knowing a bit more about the population density and the age of the buildings since we have visited, it is not hard to see what a great affect something like this will have.

Tonight we dealt with something a little more happy and closer to home, Brandon's school conference. He has had a wonderful second grade teacher that he is going to miss. It was a quick and easy conference. He's doing well in most things and just needs to work on his addition and subtraction facts. (There is nothing new!)

We also got to look through the Adams Art Show. Their school has an art teacher that is paid through fundraising by the school, and they do wonderful art projects. Here is the one Brandon had on display:
It is so much fun to see the creativity that these kids just have inside them, and their enthusiasm for art. When do we start to lose that?

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