Sunday, April 5, 2009

An 8 Year Old Boy

I can't believe it, I have an 8 year old boy today! It doesn't seem like yesterday that he was born, but could it really be 8 years? He is such a sweet and fun kid to be around. Today was no exception! He spent the night at a friends last night and when he came home today he was bursting with excitement, just talking up a storm. He couldn't wait for his party!

This year he had a party at Papa's Pizza, the place in town that has an indoor kids play area and caters to kids parties. For Brandon, it was both a birthday and a going away party. He had kids from school and cub scouts and other friends come. They played in the play area, ate pizza, played some more, ate cupcakes, and then opened presents. See all the pictures here. They all had a great time and Brandon really enjoyed the party.

It's just hard to believe that he is 8 years old! Isn't he getting big?

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