Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Picture the Piles

In order to have our storage and shipment insured, we have to create a detailed inventory of our house. We have to pretty much list every item, whether it is being shipped or stored, and the replacement value.

We've been going through room by room and sorting things into piles. This is one of our "shipping" piles. In another part of the room is the "storage" pile. Plus there is the stuff we are taking on the plane, we need to see what fits in our suitcases so that we include the right stuff in the inventory.

We have 3 rooms to go... Office/hobby room, spare room (which we've been piling "storage" stuff into) and kitchen. Also clothes once we've packed our suitcases and have decided what has to be shipped.

Oh, and we have to take ALL of our small electronics with us personally because our company won't ship them - too high of an occurence of theft. We are trying to figure out how to pack everything so that we can actually maneuver that much stuff. Every hand will pull a rolling tote, every back will have a backpack and probably a couple of shoulder bags.

The inventory has to be done on Tuesday and emailed off to the moving company. Guess what we'll be doing this weekend?

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