Friday, April 17, 2009

Got the Keys

Thursday Stevie and I made our way over to the apartment in order to officially take possession. I signed a ton of paperwork (all in Italian of course, hopefully I didn't sign away my firstborn son...) and received a ton of keys. I'll do a blog entry on the number of keys it takes to live in Italy some other time...

So, I spent my first night in the apartment! It was a horrible night of sleep. I think it was not sleeping well from the jet lag combined with the new noises of an apartment. Nothing obnoxious - just different. Neighbor noises, door noises, birds singing all night long (don't the birds sleep at night in Italy?).

It is nice to be in our place and start to unpack. My clothes are mostly in the wardrobe and my shampoo is in the shower. Stevie knows where his food and water and everything is. He tentatively explored the place quite a bit. I think he will enjoy looking out the windows, since you can hear so many birds I would assume he'll be able to watch them too.

Tonight I am going to the store to get some needed items... an iron, a hair dryer, an alarm clock, some silverware, sheets, etc. Oh yeah, and food! And hopefully, a good night's sleep.

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