Thursday, August 25, 2011

Share Your View: Night Photography (2nd edition)

Barn Dance 3
Barn Dance 3 by tim mcmurdo

The nighttime views of the world are quite varied! I hope you are having fun exploring Night Photography right now. You can tell the folks in the Flickr pool are! I had a hard time choosing a couple to share today. 

We have another week of exploring the night, so you can still get out late in the evening or early in the morning and show us what the night looks like in your area. You can link in below or share your images in the Exploring with a Camera Flickr pool until the end of the day Tuesday, August 30. 

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Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year by Sharon Furner Fine Art

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  1. These are all great pictures. I have signed up for your newsletter.

  2. This was a stretch for me, I really LOVED it! :)


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