Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Out of the Frame

throught the window
through the window by olive.villarreal

We've finished up our exploration of Frame within a Frame, and did you find out what a great tool it is? I love how a frame within a frame can lead you through a photo to a subject. It's a tool that you can use in many different situations to great effect.

It was fun seeing the images you linked in (below) and shared in the Flickr pool. If you haven't already, spend a little bit of time visiting the other links for examples of frame within a frame images. Today I'm sharing a few from your fellow readers.

Join me tomorrow for my final "second edition" Exploring with a Camera of the summer. If you haven't signed up for the newsletter yet, this week is a good time. Sunday's newsletter will have a special camera companion that goes with tomorrow's Exploring with a Camera topic attached to it. This topic is another of my all time favorites, so don't miss it!

Paris, France
Paris, France by Christine E-E

hairsalon VIII
hairsalon VIII by rakusribut


  1. thatphotoof paris is theold style of buildings and beautiful.

  2. Love that hair salon shot! Fabulous!!

  3. thanks for featuring my hipstamatic of the hair salon
    it is one of my favorite shots too!


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